095: Fitness myths and how to train for your goals with Danny Matranga

Hi friends! I’m SO excited to welcome Danny Matranga to the show today. You may have seen me sharing his posts on Instagram and I always appreciate his wisdom and balanced mindset.

Follow him on Instagram here.

095: Fitness myths and how to train for your goals with Danny Matranga

I was thrilled when he said he’d be on the show, and here are some of the things we’re talking about in today’s episode:

– His background and how he became a personal trainer

– Fitness myths he typically sees and how he helps his clients with mindset shifts

– Things he does in his daily routine to set himself up for success and maximize productivity 

 – Training splits he recommends based on your goals

and so much more.

Here’s a little bit more about Danny if you’re not familiar with him:

Danny is the driving force behind CORE. CORE was created to blend the effectiveness of in-person coaching with the accessibility of online coaching while giving people access to everything they need to take their health, performance, and aesthetics to the next level.

Danny has been coaching clients (in-person and online), writing and producing fitness content, and educating other coaches for over ten years.

Danny has over 15 unique certifications and thousands of hours in the trenches coaching people from all walks of life. Make sure to follow him on Instagram and check out his coaching programs here. 

Resources from this episode:

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