10 foods (more) indicated for the woman’s diet


Assistant Professor of the University of Maryland Medical School, Pam Peek, explains in his book, Fight Fat After 40 (Editora Viking 2000), that women have specific nutritional needs to keep them focused and energized as they grow old.

So she made a list with ten items that every woman needs to incorporate into her weekly menu so that, each year, she becomes even healthier:

Soy protein 

Soy protein is a protein of plant origin, which has several beneficial properties for women’s health. First, it is important because it promotes satiety, preventing the “attack” on carbohydrates, so desired (especially) by women.

In addition, soy has health-related benefits. It improves the symptoms of menopause, the control of serum cholesterol, triglycerides and the risk of heart problems, in addition to preventing some types of cancer.

Whole grain bread 

Not only wholemeal bread, but also all fiber-rich flours (oats, granola, brown rice …) should be incorporated into the diet of women because they give more satiety, increase the levels of vitamins and minerals in the body and leave the metabolism in balance . Therefore, it improves its functioning. Despite the benefits, be careful with integrals. For those who want to lose weight, they are very healthy, but they can also be caloric. Use is recommended, but in moderation.

Foods rich in folic acid  

For pregnant women, mainly, folic acid is involved with the health of the baby in formation, in the first days of life. For those who want to get pregnant, in addition to increasing the consumption of foods rich in this nutrient, supplementation should be guided by the doctor. They are found mainly in dark green vegetables and beans.


Walnuts like all – and oilseeds (chestnuts and almonds) – are rich in antioxidant vitamins and minerals (vitamin E, Zinc, Selenium). Prevent cell aging, in addition to being rich in Omega 3 and 6, which help control cholesterol. Because they are rich in fat, they also promote satiety.

Green leafy vegetables 

Dark green vegetables provide greater support for metabolism, as they are rich in B vitamins, which activate the metabolism, magnesium, in addition to being an important mineral for metabolic functions, iron and calcium.

Fruits rich in vitamin C

Orange, lemon, acerola, passion fruit, strawberry, guava, kiwi and pineapple are fruits rich in antioxidants, which improve the quality of the skin and prevent its aging, in addition to being involved in improving healing, especially after cosmetic surgery, for example .

The cherry, in addition to being rich in antioxidants (vitamin C, anthocyanins), combats cell aging, helps control cholesterol, high blood pressure, and combats rheumatism, as it influences bone formation and resistance. It also has a substance called fisetin, which together with phosphorus, improves memory.

Iron-rich foods

Foods rich in iron prevent anemia and prevent the lack of willingness to practice physical activity, which is very common when there is a deficiency of iron in the body. The adequacy of iron in your diet is also important during your menstrual period. What’s more, every diet rich in iron, takes with it other important minerals and vitamins to speed up metabolism and promote greater disposition. Meat, egg yolk and dark green vegetables, mainly.

Calcium-rich foods 

Calcium is one of the minerals that we need abundantly. That is why there are many enriched yoghurts and milks on the market today. It is mainly present in dairy products, dark green vegetables, some fruits and sardines. Until menopause, women have to make a “calcium saving”, so that during menopause, where the fixation of calcium in the bone becomes more difficult, their health is not compromised for not having made the adequate replacement along the life. Calcium is also involved in the processes of muscle contraction and loss of body fat.

Fluid intake, a separate chapter

Water plays a fundamental role in women’s diuresis, in the beauty of their skin, increases the elimination of toxins from the body, and decreases fluid retention, which is very common at the end of the day and in the periods before menstruation. In addition, it improves intestinal function and makes the stool more pasty.


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