10 Stretching Apps Fitness Pros Swear By to Get in Some Quick Mobility Work

Available on iOS and Android; $14 per month

2. Start Stretching

If you’re new to stretching and need some extra tips, easy-to-understand instructions, and detailed images, Start Stretching might just be the app for you. “I love this app,” Dani Schenone, yoga instructor, certified personal trainer, RYT-200, ACSM-CPT, tells SELF. Routines are short—many last only five minutes—which make it great for beginners who want an introduction to stretching. Plus, you can adjust the length of each stretch, allowing you to devote more time to a specific body part. “The stretches are quick and straight to the point,” she says.

Available on iOS; free with optional $3 fee for certain upgrades.

3. StretchIt

StretchIt has one of the most extensive databases out there of stretching videos for all fitness levels. In addition, the app gives users the ability to filter stretching routines based on theme, class length, and difficulty. You can also input flexibility goals—such as reducing back pain, doing splits, or just mastering a full-body stretch after an intense week—to help you determine your course of action, John Gardner, a NASM-certified personal trainer and the co-founder of Kickoff, a remote personal training platform, tells SELF. A personal trainer will then create a 30-day program for you tailored according to your flexibility goals. In addition, you’ll be able to track your results on the app to see your progression.

Available on iOS and Android, starting at $13 per month

4. Bend: Stretching & Flexibility

Libby Burton, certified yoga and pilates instructor, loves Bend for its ability to give stretching routines based on your goals around sleep, posture, or even time of the day, making it easy to add these stretching routines to your daily life. “I think this is a great app for those who are busy and work at a desk all day. If you only have a few minutes to add mobility training to your day, this app is for you,” she adds. For instance, you can take the “Wake Up” routine to start your mobility off strong, or the “Sleep” routine to help you unwind at the end of the day.

Available on iOS; free to download with in-app purchases from $5 to $30

5. Alo Moves

Kate Lombardo, yoga director at YogaRenew Teacher Training in Hoboken, New Jersey, tells SELF that the Alo Moves app is an excellent choice for stretching and mobility work. Alo Moves offers options for restorative yoga and stretching, both of which are great ways to unwind from the day or recover from a workout. Oh, and speaking of workouts? Alo Moves is also a full-service workout app, containing thousands of fitness classes ranging from HIIT to core, as well as mindfulness and meditation offerings. Lombardo loves that you can filter by class length, so whether you have 15 minutes or want a longer class, you can find an option that fits.

Available on iOS and Android; $20 per month

6. Peloton

Peloton might be best known for cycling workouts, but they also offer tons of other modalities, including strength workouts and, yep, stretching routines. Their flexibility and mobility work comes in ranges of intensity that can support beginners all the way up to advanced exercisers, Morgan Rees, a personal trainer at MorganReesFit, tells SELF. You can filter classes by time—from 5 minutes up to 20—level, instructor, and even type of music, making sure there’s always one that fits in your schedule. In addition, aside from stretching classes, Peloton also offers yoga classes for even more mobility work. These classes go up to 75 minutes, if you’re looking to devote a solid block of time to flexibility and mobility.