10 Ways to Make and Bake Eco-Friendly in the Kitchen

3. Be Mindful

Did you know that the average sink uses 4 gallons of water every two minutes?
That’s a lot. This tip is probably the most affordable hack on this list. You know? Because not only is it a FREE way to make and bake in the kitchen, it also saves you so much money. Here’s how to do it.

You can probably already guessed that this hack to go eco-friendly in the kitchen involves the sink, but it also involves the oven.

When using the sink, whether you’re washing dishes or measuring water for recipes, be mindful about how much water you’re using. Only run the water while you’re using it and not just running when you’re away. Also, consciously try to not measure out too much water and have to dump it.

Another way to be responsible and sustainable in the kitchen, don’t heat up your oven too early. Calculate how long it’ll take to heat up and plan accordingly. Letting an oven just sit there all warmed up and not being used it so wasteful. I know, I’m guilty of that myself. I’m definitely talking to myself with this one.

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