115 lb, 20 yo, 5’9 M Seeking Advice

I’ve just recently gotten this huge motivation to start hitting the gym in order to look significantly more fit. My gym schedule is going great actually and I go pretty much every day, with break days in between every now and then. My main goal now though is to put on significant weight while also strength training. I’m avoiding cardio entirely other than walking around obviously, and I’ve increased my intake in protein filled foods such as granola, peanut butter, cheese, nuts, red meats, etc but I literally can not gain weight. I just got off working overnights which really killed my diet and I was only eating like one meal a day with snacks in between but now I’m eating a much more sufficient three meals while still snacking. However, I’m not seeing any weight gain, which brings me to ask this question. I no longer care about health. I will worry about eating healthier once I’m where I’m at, so I wanted to know if it would be practical for me to order like 8 McChickens a day and eat those as well as other meals during the day in order to increase my caloric intake. I can’t afford buying all this protein enriched food and I remember when I was 16 and first went to the gym, a personal trainer told me to just go to Taco Bell every day and eat a shit ton of burritos. But would this work without slowly killing me? Thanks in advance.

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