14 Day Power Walking Challenge for Weight Loss

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If you are ready to transform your health and energy levels, lace up your shoes and join me on a 14-day journey to boost your activity levels through walking! Whether you’re a seasoned walker or just starting out, this power walking challenge is tailored for you.

You might be shocked by your results, because walking works. Study after study proves that people who walk regularly stay more youthful, stronger, and happier in old age.

Whether you like to walk on a machine, around your workplace, or in your neighborhood, walking can and should easily be incorporated into your daily life. I’m a huge fan myself. I try to walk a few miles at least six days a week and notice the difference it has made in my physical and mental health.

My free 14-day power walking challenge for weight loss will help you reach 10,000 steps a day by the end of two weeks. Ready to get started?

14 Day Power Walking Challenge Instructions

The goal of this power walking challenge is to increase your daily steps over a period of two weeks. You’ll start at your current daily step count and build as you go. Make it a competition with yourself, or a friend, for extra fun!

Follow these guidelines to complete my power walking challenge:

Days 1-3:

Start with your current daily step count. Whether it’s 2,000 or 5,000 steps, take note of it.

Each day, add an extra 500 steps to your baseline. This could mean a quick stroll around your neighborhood, parking a bit farther, or taking the stairs instead of the elevator.

By the end of Day 3, you should aim to reach around 6,000 steps per day.

Days 4-7:

Now, let’s ramp it up. Increase your daily steps by 1,000 each day. This might require a bit more intentionality, but it’s worth it!

Utilize breaks during work or leisure time to squeeze in short walks.

By Day 7, aim for approximately 8,000 steps a day.

Days 8-14:

The final push! Increase your daily steps by 500 each day until you hit the 10,000-step mark.

Make walking a part of your routine. Take longer walks during lunch breaks or after dinner. Celebrate your progress and persistence!

Sample 14 Day Power Walking Challenge Calendar

Here is a sample calendar to help you visualize what your power walking challenge could look like!

Day 1 5,000 Step Goal
Day 2 5,500 Step Goal
Day 3 6,000 Step Goal
Day 4 6,500 Step Goal
Day 5 7,000 Step Goal
Day 6 7,500 Step Goal
Day 7 8,000 Step Goal
Day 8 8,500 Step Goal
Day 9 9,000 Step Goal
Day 10 9,500 Step Goal
Day 11 10,000 Step Goal
Day 12 10,000 Step Goal
Day 13 10,000 Step Goal
Day 14 10,000 Step Goal (You did it!)

Power Walking Challenge Tips

These tips will help you get the most out of my 14 day power walking challenge while keeping yourself comfortable and pain free.

  1. Use a fitness tracker or smartphone app to monitor your steps. Aim for 10,000 as your end goal, but any increase in activity is a win!
  2. Remember, every step counts. Daily activities will contribute to your total steps, but intentional walking workouts will help you reach your goal faster.
  3. Stay hydrated while walking using a few of my favorite tips for drinking more water every day.
  4. Invest in a great pair of shoes! Poor shoes can lead to injury, blisters, bruising, plantar fasciitis, and more. This is my guide to choosing the best walking shoes.
  5. Try a trendy walking pad to get more steps during the workday if you’re stuck at your desk.

Calculation Tip: If you aren’t using a step tracker, remember that approximately every 2,000 steps is roughly equivalent to a mile.

Check out my power walking beginners guide for even more advice!

Happy walking!