15 Refreshing Mocktail Recipes

Many people choose to go alcohol free in January as a way to reset, refocus and just cut back on booze for a bit.

My husband and I shared our reasons Why We Decided to Participate in Dry January this year. I put together this list of refreshing a delicious mocktail recipes for those days when we want something a little festive and fun to drink without the alcohol.

Alcohol Free Mocktail Recipes

Cranberry Moscow Mule Mocktail from The Domestic Dietitian

“All the same great ginger and lime flavors from a traditional Moscow Mule, without the need for any alcohol.”

Kombucha Mule Mocktail from Lively Table

This gingery kombucha mule is a gut-healthy version of the refreshing Moscow Mule 

Elderberry Pear Kombucha Mocktail from Lively Table

This elderberry pear kombucha mocktail is a fun way to use elderberry syrup and support your immune system!

Virgin Prune Juice Pineapple Sangria with Rosemary Syrup from Amy Gorin Nutrition

“This pineapple sangria with rosemary syrup recipe is one of the tastiest non-alcoholic drinks with prune juice.”

Grapefruit Sharbat from Food, Pleasure, Health

Grapefruit Sharbat {Grapefruit Shikanji} is a refreshing drink made with a mixture of freshly squeezed grapefruit, lemons, and limes flavored with sugar, Himalayan black salt, and black pepper”.

Non-Alcoholic Sangria from Fad Free Nutrition

“This sangria recipe is not only alcohol free, but it has no added sugars as well, since I used 100% juice…”

Mulled Grape Juice from Being Nutritious

” Just a handful of spices and a 20 minute simmer and you’ve got a fantastic, warming drink for any occasion or none at all!”

Strawberry Rhubarb Syrup from Live Best

“Flavor lemonade, seltzer, club soda or coconut water. The sweet and tangy syrup makes a refreshing mocktail.”

Pomegranate Ginger Mocktail from Champagne Nutrition

“This super simple, easy, vegan mocktail is perfect for anyone who wants a drink sans-alcohol.”

Non-Alcoholic Holiday Rose from Mandy Enright for Have a Plant

Fresh fruit and bubbly water make this festive mocktail beautiful and healthy.

Strawberry Mojito Mocktail from Lettuce Veg Out

“This strawberry mojito mocktail recipe is refreshing and delicious. Using coconut water in place of alcohol, no flavour is lost when making a delicious non-alcoholic strawberry mojito!”

Tropical Green Tea Sangria Mocktail from Amy Gorin Nutrition

“This tropical green tea sangria mocktail recipe is refreshing, light, and delicious.”

Cranberry Pineapple Mocktail from Crystal Karges

“My own spin on a childhood favorite pastime that pleases the taste buds of adults and kids alike. Not only is this drink delicious but it’s nutritious, too!”

Easy and Delicious Sangria Mocktail from The Beard and the Baker

This winter sangria mocktail recipe is incredibly simple to make, absolutely delicious, and filled with fruit like pears, cranberries, oranges, and raspberries! 

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