20-minute Cardio Barre workout (video)

Sharing a short and sweaty barre workout you can do anywhere. All you need is some space and a water bottle. 

Helloooooo from San Diego! We’re pretending we live here again, catching up with friends, and eating all the acai bowls. Thank you so much for sending your amazing recs over yesterday! I’m excited to check out some new spots and will definitely share a recap when we’re back. Summer Shape Up is in full force – we’re halfway through the challenge – and if you’d like to get your copy of the plan, check it out here.

For today, I have a new workout video for ya. This one is a super sweaty combo classic barre exercises with cardio drills. (Don’t worry, I provide lots of low-impact variations in the video. Also heads up that the kids were home while I was filming so I did more of a voiceover style. Feel free to crank any playlist you like along with this workout!)

Barre has been one of my workout loves for a very long time and I always appreciate how much it challenges me. (I pretty much never finish an entire barre class without needing to take a breather or a modification option. It challenges me to my max every.single.time.) I also notice a change in my body when barre is a regular part of my routine; I stand up taller, I feel stronger, and it helps me to prevent injuries. Even when I was running a lot more, I used barre to strengthen the neglected muscles in my legs, booty, and core.

If you’re looking for a quick workout blitz that will make you sweat, I got you, boo.

20-minute Cardio Barre workout (video)

Wearing this top // this sports bra // and these leggings (Use GINAHAR for 15% off your first two orders of $100+)

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Here’s what the workout looks like:

[embedded content]

Hit play and work out with me!

Let me know how it goes!



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