25 G-Spot Vibrators That Sex Experts Recommend

Don’t sleep on the G-spot because you might just find the best G-spot vibrator to be a game changer in the bedroom. Historically, there’s been a lot of mystery and mysticism surrounding the infamous G-spot. Does it actually exist? Is it really that powerful? How do you find it? Here, we asked sex experts about all the ins and outs of G-spot stimulation and the best G-spot vibrators and sex toys for the job. 

What exactly is the G-spot?

For people with vaginas who can experience pleasure within the external and internal sex organ known as the clitoris, the G-spot is less one spot in particular and more a region of the body. “When people hear G-spot, they think of one exact spot on their body,” says sex educator Cassandra Corrado. The idea of a “spot” also tends to imply that it’s a separate organ. But it’s not, which is why Corrado prefers to think of it as the G-zone. 

“The G-zone is simply an area of tissue that some people find pleasurable, while others don’t,” Corrado says. “That pleasure has more to do with the type of pressure that is being put on the clitoral bulbs and the Skene’s glands, rather than an entirely separate structure.” FYI, the Skene’s glands are two glands located on either side of the urethra (a tube that connects to the bladder for urination) which are thought to be responsible for vaginal secretions during arousal.

When playing with your or your partner’s G-spot, you’re aiming for a patch of spongy tissue near the front of the upper vaginal wall, a few inches deep, that swells and becomes sensitive when you’re aroused. “Stimulating the G-spot can feel fantastic and can even be felt in the clitoris, since the internal clitoris and G-spot are so physically close,” says Lisa Finn, sex educator and brand manager at Babeland. “G-spot play is also one of the top ways that folks experience squirting.”

You can use your fingers, curling upward with firm pressure, or a wide range of insertable G-spot vibrators and sex toys: dual-stimulation toys (also known as rabbit toys), metal toys, glass toys, toys covered with squishy silicone, and toys that pulse or thrust. “Ultimately, any toy that has a bulbous head or a decent curve can be used for G-spot stimulation,” Corrado says.

What should you look for when shopping for G-spot sex toys? 

When you’re shopping around for a G-spot toy, consider what you like with your other sex toys. Do you like something really firm or more squishy? Do you like a lot of pressure (this can help determine how deep of a curve you want)? Do you want vibration or not? Do you want dual stimulation, like a rabbit that will also put pressure on your external clitoris? How thick do you want your toy’s head to be? 

Once you answer these questions for yourself, you can narrow the search for the perfect sex toy for you. Below, we’ve gathered a list of the best G-spot vibrators, according to sex experts.