26 Gifts Your Mom Will Love—And That You’ll Definitely Want For Yourself, Too

Moms (and all the mother figures in our life) deserve the world. Of course, Earth was a little difficult to gift-wrap last we checked, so in lieu of the planet, we rounded up some top-tier gift ideas that are as easy to deliver as they are to love. And because moms are both inspirational and multidimensional, we’ve provided presents for a variety of her interests.

Ahead, discover unique gift ideas for every kind of mom and maternal figure—from the perennial hosts, to the wellness gurus, to the women who somehow always know when your passport needs to be renewed. We hope this helps you gift one of the most important people in your life with confidence.

Featured image of Kimberly Snyder, by Teal Thomsen

26 Gifts for Mom To Show Her Your Love This Holiday

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Gifts for the Mom Who Likes to Keep It Cozy

Mothers have a penchant for making a house a home—one so welcoming you may never want to leave. This year, give mom a little something that’s just for her.

Image by Belathée Photography

She has an adventurous spirit that could rival Gwyneth’s—all in the name of health—and is always brushed up on the latest buzzwords.

Image by Michelle Nash

Gifts for the Perennial Host

Her parties are legendary. Her prep is effortless. And she always nails the little details.

Image by Teal Thomsen

Gifts for the Mom Whose Kitchen is Her Domain

She’ll drop a fast fact about Julia Child quicker than you can set the table, and her counters always stay pristine. Everything probably has a place in her favorite room, but we think she’ll enjoy these vetted additions.

Image by Michelle Nash

Gifts for the Mom Who Lives to Travel

She’s shared Google docs for at least five cities and multiple language-learning audiobooks queued up for car rides. Somehow, she always knows exactly when your passport needs to be renewed.


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