3 pregnancies across 11 years… a personal note

3 pregnancies across 11 years… a personal note

My third munchkin is due this July, there will be an 11 year age gap between 1 and 3 but only a 17 month gap between 2 and 3. People seem to have such a shock response when I say this so I thought I might explain it. Jet is my gorgeous first, falling pregnant with him was a massive surprise. He wasn’t a planned pregnancy. I was 26. I had thought for a long time that I may not be able to have kids, so although I wasn’t “ready” I went with it because it felt like a miracle. His dad and I didn’t stay together, but I always knew as a single parent that I wasn’t finished having my babies, and I never let go of that.

In the years that followed I poured a lot into building my business as a single mum.

Then, when Jet was 6, my beautiful man walked into my life.

We talked about having kids as a priority before the other big stuff (buying homes / marriage) and planned divine Elke, then not long after having Elke even though we knew it would be complete chaos we put plans in place to ensure little ‘Chip’ was conceived before my fertility clock shut shop.

To be honest, I never imagined my family life would play out like this, I thought I would have finished having my kids by say 32-34. I’ll be 38 when Chip arrives. However, life just sometimes doesn’t play out as you may plan and whilst that at times can be so hard, you have to gently remind yourself, it’s for some reason.

I have the family I always wanted now, sure it’s in a different era to what I imagined but that’s how things panned out. However what I do want to say here to anyone who has ever wanted something that they can’t currently have, or have been thrown a curve ball they weren’t ready for in life, or are just wondering “I don’t know how on earth this will ever work out” don’t give up, and also don’t let your “plan” for life jump in the way of what can be a surprising but all very beautiful life too.

Family is amazing, I know I am so incredibly lucky to have such a heavenly one.