3 Ways Businesses Can Avoid Clashing Clients

When we service and add clients to our business roster, it’s true to say that we’re grateful for it, and hope to expand this list as time goes on. But it’s also true that clients deserve a uniform experience compared to others who spend as much as they do, and of course, as they return to our service over time.

In many cases, this means treating them well, keeping their profile and preferences on the books, and ensuring that we sustain our operation to retain our spending capabilities as time goes on. However, a hidden and less-talked-about element of this is ensuring that our clients don’t clash against one another.

After all, many of us tolerate the presence of other people when we head to a theme park, but if the park has overbooked and an overwhelming amount of people attend, we have a rough time, and cannot enjoy the service we’ve paid to enjoy. 

In this post, we’ll discuss a few measures to ensure this doesn’t happen in your own firm:

Time Between Appointments

Making sure that you keep relatively worthwhile timing between appointments can help you avoid clients from walking over each other on the way to your business or door. Depending on the kind of business you run, waiting may or may not be appropriate before an appointment. After all, we don’t particularly wish for our two clients to meet if running a counseling service, as each client deserves respect and space. In a salon, waiting for five minutes with some magazines to hand is not necessarily the end of the world. So, adjust this to your liking, but always keep that in mind.

Proper Booking Capabilities

It’s important to keep the best online booking system to hand, because this will ensure that you never over-book, that clients are more likely to get the slot that they want, and that you can always accommodate their needs by preparation – such as if a salon guest needs specific materials in order to achieve a given style. This also helps you standardize your daily planning without feeling overburden, and might help you better accommodate walk-ins that come into your firm from time to time. It does make a difference in the long run.

Know Your Volume

It’s important to keep a healthy estimate of just how many people you can actually service, no matter how popular you are and how much you’re willing to help. Overbooking or crowding too many people in at once, or simply overestimating your ability to attend to everyone even though you want to please can leave a stain on your business and a bad taste in your clients. It’s okay to tell a client that they can’t come in on a given day, or that you might not be able to accommodate them, and to do so with a firm but apologetic tone.

With this advice, you’re much more likely to avoided clashing clients, instead thriving into the future with a base that respects and supports all of the hard work you do from day to day.