30 Easy Whole30 Breakfasts You’ll Want To Wake Up For

Feeling bored and uninspired with your breakfast choices? Here are 30 Whole30 breakfast recipes – enough to fill an entire month of meal planning. You’ll find everything from breakfast basics like homemade breakfast sausages to breakfast casseroles and skillets. Bonus: all of these healthy Whole30 breakfasts are also paleo and most are keto and low carb too!

Whole30 Breakfast Recipes - Frittata, Quiche, Bowl, Sausage

No matter which healthy eating plan you follow, it’s easy to fall into a pattern of boring and repetitive breakfast recipes. Worse still, if you find yourself short on time you may start skipping breakfast altogether.

That’s why I’ve pulled together 30 delicious Whole30 breakfast recipes. There’s something for every palate and lifestyle: breakfast recipes you can meal prep in advance, casseroles to feed a crowd, and even a couple of healthy twists like breakfast nachos and tacos. These healthy recipes are a full month of breakfasts planned out for you in advance. Breakfast has never been this easy!

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Whole30 Breakfast Staples

There are a few key basics at the heart of almost all Whole30 breakfast recipes. Of course, I’m talking about bacon, eggs and sausage. Here are four staple recipes that I practically have memorized at this point – I cook them that much!

Oven-cooked bacon from Cook Eat Paleo

How to Cook Bacon in the Oven (Paleo, Keto, Whole30) from Cook Eat Well

This is the easiest way to cook bacon – without any grease splattering your stove top! I love cooking my bacon this way because it’s practically foolproof. You’ll know how to make consistent, perfectly cooked bacon every time. Keep this basic breakfast recipe in your back pocket, no matter whether you’re eating keto, paleo, low carb or Whole30.

(Hint: Grab some Whole30-friendly uncured bacon. This is my favorite bacon – it’s totally free from added sugar and nitrates.)

Instant Pot Hard Boiled Eggs (Paleo, Keto, Whole30) from Cook Eat Well

This has to be the easiest way to make perfectly cooked hard-boiled eggs. No more guessing on your cooking times and no more inconsistent cooking results. Cooking them in your Instant Pot is so much easier than the traditional stove-top method. These hard-boiled eggs are perfect for quick breakfasts, as well as toppers on a salad, lean protein in your veggie bowl, or even as the base to your favorite deviled eggs. Perfect if you’re eating keto, paleo, low carb or Whole30.

Paleo Breakfast Sausage (Keto, Whole30) from Cook Eat Well

I love this recipe! These paleo breakfast sausages require only a short list of ingredients. They’re so easy to make ahead – add them to your weekend meal prep session and pop them in the freezer for quick on-the-go breakfasts! I’ve included my favorite spice blend in this recipe, but they’re just as easy to customize with your own favorites. You’ll love this easy breakfast basic, no matter whether you’re eating keto, low carb, paleo or Whole30.

Simple 3-Ingredient Bacon Fat Hash Browns from Anya’s Eats

This super simple, 3-ingredient Whole30 breakfast recipe is great served solo or topped with an egg. There are some helpful tips in this recipe for achieving a perfectly crispy hash skillet. And if you’re cooking bacon alongside these hash browns? Well, this is a very yummy way to use some of the bacon fat in your cooking. This is a good basic paleo, dairy-free and Whole30 breakfast recipe to keep in rotation.

Frittatas, Quiches & Other Egg-Based Recipes

Whole30 frittata, quiche and other egg-based recipes make for a quick and easy breakfast choice. More than half of these recipes are ready to serve in about 30 minutes. And while they’re all perfect additions to your brunch spread, they also make a great lunch or dinner as well!

Sausage and butternut squash frittata from Cook Eat Well

Sausage & Butternut Squash Frittata from Cook Eat Well

This deliciously savory Whole30 frittata leans on sausage and butternut squash as its core ingredients, but this recipe is flexible enough to use up any leftover roast veggies you might already have in your fridge. This recipe is perfect if you’re looking for a keto, paleo, low carb and Whole30 breakfast recipe that comes together quickly but tastes like you’ve spent hours slaving away in your kitchen.

Deviled Eggs with Bacon & Chives (Paleo, Keto, Whole30) from Cook Eat Well

This is a healthy, no-mayo twist on a classic brunch appetizer. Topped with Whole30-friendly bacon and chives, these deviled eggs are equally perfect served as a snack or at your next potluck gathering. Of course, it’s easy to customize your toppings (I also like olives and roasted red peppers!). Best of all, cooking the hard-boiled eggs in an instant pot makes this recipe ridiculously easy. This is a great Whole30 breakfast recipe that’s equally perfect if you’re following a keto, paleo or low carb meal plan.

Bacon & Olive Quiche (Keto, Paleo, Whole30) from The Keto Summit

This is one of my favorite quiche recipes – it’s simple flavors are perfect no matter whether you’re serving it for breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner. Done in under an hour, this paleo, keto, low carb and Whole30 recipe delivers delicious flavors of bacon (this is my favorite Whole30-friendly brand), bell peppers, onion, spinach, tomato, olives, basil and garlic in every delicious bite. And keeping this crustless makes this breakfast recipe even easier!

Sausage & Mushroom Frittata from The Paleo Mom

I’m all about keeping it simple in the kitchen and this sausage and mushroom frittata does not disappoint. With less than 5 ingredients, you probably have most of the ingredients already on hand! This easy recipe is ready to serve in under an hour. It’s the perfect keto, paleo and Whole30 addition to any brunch, lunch, or dinner. It’s a crowd favorite too (be sure to grab a slice before it disappears!).

Mini Egg Frittatas from I Heart Naptime

These mini frittatas are a fantastic solution if you find yourself short on time at breakfast. You can make them ahead and store them in your fridge for up to 5 days. Enough to get you through a busy week! I love this paleo and Whole30 breakfast recipe for its versatility – it’s very easy to customize these bite-size breakfasts with your favorite veggies and meats.

Breakfast Casserole Recipes For A Crowd

I love breakfast casseroles for their ease and simplicity – these Whole30 breakfast casseroles certainly do not disappoint. Reach for one of these recipes the next time you’re feeding a crowd.

Roasted Veggie Breakfast Casserole (Whole30 + Paleo) by kimscravings.com

Roasted Veggie Breakfast Casserole from Kims Cravings

I love that this Whole30 breakfast casserole combines another easy recipe style – the sheet pan dinner! This is a smart way to use up leftover roast veggies and the flavors in this recipe are really versatile. Try using your favorite seasonal ingredients from your local farmers market. This recipe is great for both paleo and Whole30 meal plans.

Whole30 Breakfast Casserole from Dad With A Pan

This Whole30 breakfast casserole recipe combines a delicious variety of breakfast favorites – bacon, bell peppers and spinach. Yum! You can have this paleo and Whole30-friendly recipe ready in under an hour and prepping your ingredients should only take about 5 minutes. It’s perfect for prepping in advance of a busy week.

Sausage Hash Brown Egg Bake (Whole30) from The Real Food RDs

This quick and easy breakfast bake is very hearty and just a little bit spicy. It would make a great addition to any paleo or Whole30 meal plan, and it requires less than 10 ingredients. This recipe is also perfectly suited to meal prepping in advance for fast breakfasts (as well as lunches or dinners) during the week. Definitely a great way to use your homemade breakfast sausages!

Easy Whole30 Breakfast Casserole (Paleo Keto) from Tasty Thin

This is a delicious (and ridiculously easy) Whole30 breakfast bake. It’s like your favorite breakfast casserole recipes but skips the cheese, bread and dairy. Perfect for paleo, keto and Whole30 meal plans! This recipe is a low-stress breakfast choice – perfect if you’re feeding a crowd or planning out make-ahead meals. Check out the ingredient customization tips to create a dish with your favorite ingredients.

Delicious Breakfast Bowl Recipes

There’s something so satisfying about breakfast bowl recipes, isn’t there? They’re easy to customize with your favorite veggies and they’re quick to pull together – a great addition to your weekday meal plan.

Whole30 vegetarian power bowls from wellplated.com

Whole30 Vegetarian Power Bowls from Well Plated

This colorful veggie bowl packs a seriously powerful punch of healthy fats and protein. Extra add-ins like avocado, bacon, or your favorite nuts and seeds will keep this Whole30 breakfast bowl feeling fresh and exciting (even if you have it every day of the week!). I love that every part of this paleo and Whole30 breakfast recipe can be prepped in advance. Your weekday breakfasts just got really easy!

Whole30 Breakfast Bowl with Spicy Cauliflower & Carrots from No Crumbsleft

This Whole30 breakfast bowl is a delicious and colorful way to start your day. Topped with healthy favorites like avocado, cauliflower and spinach, this hearty Whole30 breakfast is sure to carry you all the way through to lunch. You’ll find just a bit of kick in the spicy Picante seasoning. This is an equally great recipe to add to a paleo meal plan as well.

Whole30 Apple-Coconut Breakfast Bowl from Prevention RD

Looking for a little natural sweetness to start your day? Look no further than this delicious Whole30 apple coconut breakfast bowl. You’ll find your sweetness from the Medjool dates and the almond butter drizzle acts as a decadent topping. Best of all, this paleo and Whole30 breakfast recipe can be pulled together in under 5 minutes. It’s perfect for busy weekday mornings!

Healthy Breakfast Meal Prep Bowls (Easy, Whole30, Gluten-free & Paleo) from Primavera Kitchen

Here’s another Whole30 breakfast bowl that can be made in advance for easy grab-and-go weekday meals. You can have this healthy breakfast recipe ready to pack up in under an hour. Perfect if you’re paleo, vegetarian or Whole30. You’ll also find some great tips for swapping in seasonal ingredients to keep this recipe feeling fresh and exciting.

Whole30 Blueberry Breakfast Bowl from Slender Kitchen

This slightly sweet paleo and Whole30-friendly breakfast bowl is a healthy choice to start your day, but you can also serve it as a quick snack. This recipe is fun to customize with your favorite fruit and crunchy toppings. I’m thinking that strawberries and almonds might be a nice swap for the blueberries and coconut.

Paleo Sweet Potato Hash Breakfast Bowl from kimscravings.com

This savory Whole30 breakfast bowl is filled with my favorite fall flavors. A breakfast layered with sweet potato, brussel sprouts and apple? Yes, this sounds like the perfect way to start my day. This paleo and Whole30 breakfast recipe requires less than 10 ingredients and would be equally delicious served at brunch.

Cauliflower Fried Rice from Dessert for Two

This fast cauliflower fried rice bowl is ready in under 30 minutes – perfect for quick breakfasts. The core ingredients keep this filling recipe simple – bacon, riced cauliflower and coconut aminos carry this delicious and healthy twist on what’s traditionally an unhealthy recipe. Best of all, you can whip up this recipe with just 5 minutes of prep time. It’s quick, easy and perfect for your weekday breakfasts.

Quick Skillet & Hash Recipes

These skillet and hash recipes are a quick and easy way to start your day. These versatile Whole30 breakfast recipes are fantastic for meal prepping in advance for weekday meals on the run.

Whole30 Breakfast Hash Recipe from Wonky Wonderful

This filling one pan meal is a healthy breakfast choice no matter whether you’re following a paleo, low carb, dairy-free or Whole30 meal plan. The hearty fall and winter flavors are so satisfying, while the short list of ingredients makes this an easy weekday option. In fact, you can have this recipe on the table in under 30 minutes!

Bacon & Sweet Potato Hash from The Whole Smiths

This simple, 6-ingredient breakfast recipe is paleo, Whole30 and really quick to pull together. In under 15 minutes, you can have this dish ready to serve. The simple ingredient list also ensures that you likely have most of the ingredients already on hand in your kitchen. And while this Whole30 breakfast recipe is an easy way to start your day, you could just as quickly serve it for brunch, lunch or dinner.

Bacon Veggie Skillet from Whole Kitchen Sink

This egg-free skillet is an easy one-pan wonder that fits paleo, dairy free and Whole30 meal plans. Best of all, you can make this recipe in advance for quick grab-and-go weekday breakfasts. I love how the splash of lemon gives an unexpected (yet delicious) hit of brightness to these savory flavors.

Breakfast Ideas with Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes are a healthy and filling ingredient – perfect for hearty breakfasts. Here are a small handful of sweet and savory Whole30 breakfast recipes that make great use of this versatile ingredient.

Sweet Potato Toast With Avocado, Smoked Salmon & Poached Egg from downshiftology.com

Sweet Potato Toast With Avocado, Smoked Salmon & Poached Egg from Downshiftology

Wow! If you ever find yourself missing eggs Benedict, then this might be the recipe for you. This sweet potato toast is topped with a delicious combination of avocado, cucumber, smoked salmon and a poached egg. Ready to serve in under an hour, this is a perfect recipe for your next weekend brunch no matter whether you’re following paleo, whole30, low carb or keto.

Sweet Potato Toast from Dessert for Two

This sweet and salty sweet potato toast combination is a match made in heaven. This recipe is easy to meal prep in advance for quick on-the-go weekday breakfasts. Topped with dates, bacon (I love this Whole30-friendly bacon) and a drizzle of almond butter, this is a naturally sweet breakfast that’s great for those following paleo, low carb, keto and Whole30 meal plans. Yum!

Sweet Potato Kale Breakfast Salad from A Saucy Kitchen

This savory kale breakfast salad seems like the perfect brunch recipe for the cooler months. Hard-boiled eggs, bacon, sweet potato and a drizzle of homemade vinaigrette make for a satisfyingly simple breakfast recipe that transitions easily between a variety of meals. Of course, it’s even better that this paleo and Whole30 recipe can also be meal prepped in advance for up to 5 days of quick meals.

Other Fun Whole30 Breakfast Recipes

Last but certainly not least, here are a few more Whole30 breakfast recipes to round out your meal planning.

Pesto Prosciutto Egg Wraps (Paleo, Whole30) from Real Food with Jessica

This is a crispy, clever and delicious twist on traditional breakfast wraps. I would have never thought of wrapping my eggs in prosciutto, but now that I’ve seen it? Yes please. This simple breakfast recipe requires just 4 ingredients and is perfect for paleo, low carb, low FODMAP and Whole30 meal plans. These wraps can be made in either your air fryer or baked in the oven.

Easy Sheet Pan Breakfast Potatoes (Paleo Whole30) from Tasty Thin

I’m a big fan of how flexible this sheet pan breakfast recipe is. It’s perfect for making ahead for quick on-the-go weekday breakfasts. And there’s a lot of versatility here – feel free to swap in your favorite veggies. And it can be served either with or without an egg (for those looking for egg-free breakfast recipes). This recipe is great for paleo, dairy-free and Whole30 meal plans.

Whole30 Breakfast Nachos from A Calculated Whisk

This is a fun twist on everyone’s favorite nachos. You’ll find breakfast favorites (like eggs, bacon and avocado) all layered into one easy sheet pal meal. Best of all, this paleo and Whole30-friendly breakfast recipe can be ready to serve in as little as 45 minutes. Perfect for laid-back Saturday mornings!

Breakfast Tacos from Every Last Bite

This paleo, low carb and Whole30-friendly recipe puts a fun spin on traditional tacos. I’m pretty sure I could eat tacos for every meal of the day, so these breakfast tacos are right up my ally. I love that you can meal prep most of the ingredients used in these recipes up to 3 days in advance – there’s half a week of breakfasts taken care of! Best of all, you can have this recipe ready to serve in under an hour.

So, there you have it. No matter whether you’re looking for breakfast meal prep tips or the perfect brunch dish, these 30 Whole30 breakfast recipes are perfect for filling an entire month of healthy breakfasts in your meal plan. All that’s left to do is make your Whole30 shopping list and get cooking!

Looking for more Whole30 recipes? Here are a few more recipe collections to try:

Did I miss your favorite Whole30 breakfast recipe? Tell me about it in the comments below!


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