30 Useful Things for the Skeptical Camper

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Photography: Suech and Beck | Styling: Franny Alder

Level Up

This pop-up tent is quick to assemble and comes with a built-in mattress. But best of all, its 17 inches above the ground to guard against dewy dampness.
Costway 1-Person Portable Pop-Up Tent, $442, thebay.com

Tip: Camping spots can be tough to secure, so make sure you’re on the right page: Go to parks.canada.ca for national park reservations, and to sites like ontarioparks.ca or bcparks.ca for provincial parks.

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Photography: Suech and Beck | Styling: Franny Alder

Eat wildly well

A picnic set that belongs by the Seine.
Deluxe Picnic Backpack, $90, leevalley.com

Caffeine conduits so you never have to settle for instant.
World Famous Aluminum Percolator, $67, thebay.com

Wacaco Nanopresso Portable Espresso Machine, $120, mec.ca
Grosche Dublin Stainless Steel French Press Coffee Maker, $85, thebay.com

Three blades and a bamboo board for easy meal prep.
GSI Rakau Knife Set, $105, mec.ca

A thermos that shows your true colours
HBC Stripes Multistripe Thermos, $50, thebay.com

A durable, rollable cooler.
48 Wheeled Cooler, $550, yeti.com

All the essentials for patriotic smores.
Telescoping Campfire Fork, $13, leevalley.com
President’s Choice Maple Flavour Marshmallows, $4, realcanadiansuperstore.ca

A travel-friendly stovetop for perfect eggs and crispy bacon. (And check out Cook It Wild by Chris Nuttall-Smith for ingenious prep-ahead recipes.)
Hike Crew Gas Camping Stove, $112, thebay.com

Tip: Burn local—firewood brought in from further afield risks introducing invasive bugs or disease. Also, you can cook a staggering number of foods in heavy-duty aluminum foil packets.