5 Memorable Recipes for a Small Scale Thanksgiving

This post is written in partnership with Sanderson Farms. 

Thanksgiving is on the horizon, and while it may look different this year than years past, it’s still possible to celebrate with all your favorite traditional recipes and desserts.

If you’ve got a smaller gathering than usual, why not roast a chicken instead of a turkey? Call us crazy but that tender, juicy whole chicken rivals a larger turkey any day of the week.

In addition to being a healthy part of the holiday table, chicken is also an affordable choice this holiday – why buy a large turkey when your guest list doesn’t warrant it?

So this year we’re opting for Sanderson Farms whole chickens or Roasters because it just makes sense. They’re 100% natural, minimally processed with no added hormones, preservatives or artificial ingredients and they’re always fresh, never frozen.

Whether you’re dry brining your bird or trying our popular feta brined recipe (which you must!), you’ll want to make sure you’ve got all the traditional fixings and sides, too. Just enough – and not too much – for your gathering this year!