5 Reasons Strawberries Are Our Morning Go-To

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Of all the fresh fruits to reach for at breakfast, strawberries are far and away our favorite. It’s hard to beat their sweet, juicy flavor coupled with their vibrant, cheery red color.

Lucky for us (and you, too!), it’s Florida strawberry season, which means there’s no time like the present to get your morning fill. We recently sat down with our team to round up all the reasons we turn to these gorgeous berries as our breakfast standby.

Reason #1: Seasonal Goodness

You know when you walk into a grocery store in the heart of February and encounter a bounty of onions, brussels sprouts and kale? Maybe some apples and citrus? Well, good news! You’ll also find strawberries, from mid-November through late March.

Yes, you can find these red jewels even in the dead of winter because Florida is the second-largest producing region in the United States, and February is the peak of their winter strawberry harvest.

Reason #2: WFH … or On The Go

Florida strawberries are easy to enjoy regardless of your morning routine. Whether you’re working from home or are on the go, they’re a quick and feel-good choice, and easy to incorporate into warm oatmeal, yogurt, cold cereal, fruit salads, scones and muffins!

So as far as fruit is concerned, strawberries are the real MVP this year (and every year); they’re as easy to pack up and take with you when you’re running around with the kids as they are to reach for as you’re hustling to your home office.

Strawberries being sliced on a white cutting board.

Strawberries being sliced on a white cutting board.

Reason #3: A Treat for the Whole Family

Mornings are hectic for families, especially when just about everyone wants something different for breakfast. Luckily, Florida strawberries are an easy choice.

The last thing any parent feels like doing first thing in the morning before their coffee (or, really, anytime) is thinking through accommodating different meals and palates, and thankfully strawberries are a perennial crowd-pleaser. Keep them around, and there won’t be any more scrambling to find healthy options for the whole crew.

Reason #4: Kick the Day Off, Healthfully

They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so why not make it count?

Florida strawberries are virtually fat-free and contain no cholesterol. One serving of about eight strawberries has only 45 calories and provides more vitamin C than an orange, or about 140% of the U.S. RDA for vitamin C. When you kick off your morning with something so healthy, there’s no doubt you’ll have the energy to tackle whatever the day brings.

Reason #5: Endless Options!

When shopping for strawberries, select those that are firm, plump and fragrant and have a bright glossy-red appearance. Their fringed caps should be bright green and look fresh, too.

Once they’re home and in your kitchen, Florida strawberries are endlessly versatile. Bake them into muffins, scatter them on oatmeal, blend them into smoothies, or even make homemade jam!