5 Thanksgiving Recipes That’ll Steal the Show

This post is written in partnership with If You Care. 

While it’s the turkey that proudly sits at the center of the Thanksgiving table, we all know it’s the sides that garner just as much attention.

Let’s give both the care they deserve this year.

Non-stick parchment paper roasting bags are great for cooking the turkey in, but we also love using them to create easy and delicious Thanksgiving sides. That’s because the roasting bags seal in moisture to optimize tenderness in both meats and vegetables, so you can bet on each component of your meal being perfectly cooked. And because they can withstand up to 425°F, they’re primed and ready for any roasting task this season!

Even better, unlike plastic bags, parchment paper roasting bags are all-natural, unbleached and totally chlorine-free, so they can go straight into the compost bin with your food scraps. That means you can relax at the table rather than worry about the pile of dishes in the sink (the ultimate holiday gift, no?)

So today to inspire your holiday planning, we rounded up five festive recipes that are even better when made in parchment paper roasting bags. Dinner prep will not only be a whole lot simpler, your whole meal is guaranteed to be the most memorable yet!