52 Summer Vegetarian Recipes to Make, Eat, and Repeat All Season Long

This handy list of summer vegetarian recipes will help you make the most of the season’s sun-kissed, rainbow-hued bounty. Carnivores and omnivores, don’t worry: Going vegetarian doesn’t have to mean cold, limp lettuce and unfulfilled hot dog dreams. (Plus, nobody said you can’t still fire up that grill; you do you!) Here we’ve got plenty of summer vegetarian meals and sides that are as hearty as they are vibrant. We’re talking about the saucy and satisfying vegetarian taco bowls packed with queso fresco and crisped-up tofu. The mayo-slathered “picnic tomatoes”—i.e., the perfect home for your farmers market heirloom haul. And the creamy, coconutty vegetable curry that’ll use up whatever arrives in your CSA box. Before you hit the market, get all 52 summer vegetarian recipes here. And whatever you do, don’t forget your tote!