6,3 – 148pd (m)

Yes, that’s really my stat. I’m turning 17 in a month and would like to be around 180 – 190 before I head to college (1 – 1/2 years). I tend to feel full early into a meal, and loose weight during breaks because I forget to eat. While gaining muscle is a added bonus, I just want to be rounder. I can’t find pants that fit my long ass legs and thin ass waist, I play with my elbow skin as it’s so stretchy, I could make a blanket, and I look myself over in the mirror and just get sad. I put new holes in my watches and belts. Get called every variation of a stick bug, every describable way of saying skeleton, every food that “that kid needs”, every… well you get it. Reddit has given me outside help for projects and advice for other things, so why not this. So please help.

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