78lbs to 98lbs since May

I don't have some great inspirational story, it did take a lot of hard work, eating more and starting to exercise, but a lot of the eating part was made easy with some help from my doctor. I went in to see my doc May 6th, was diagnosed with "poor hunger cues" from food insecurities (not having food for long periods of time) in my childhood, and I was put on an antihistamine/appetite stimulant called "periactin/cyproheptadine" and I put on the first 15 pounds in 3 months. It stops being as effective after about 8 weeks, so I stopped taking it for a while.

I'm 5'2, and 21, but weight is something I've always struggled with. The day I found out I was going to have my son I weighed 89 pounds, and after he was born, I kept losing weight at an alarming rate, I was to the point where I constantly had a migraine, and was too weak and lethargic to move. The first doctor I went to, when I told him I was scared by how much weight I was losing told me "a lot of people wish they could be in my situation" and refused to help. My husband, who's much more assertive than I am went off on him, demanded blood work to make sure it wasn't my thyroid, and then we started the search for a new doctor. I found a new one, who listens, and I've been doing much better. I'm also glad I found this subreddit, I lurk a lot, but I do listen to the meal planning and protein drink advice. My goal is 115lbs (I want some muscles lol) and I think that the combined effort of my doctor, you guys, and myself, I just might be able to get there.

Maybe I'll post before/after pics when I hit 100lbs, I'm still a little insecure about my body. Anyways, thanks for reading, have a great day and happy gains lol

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