8th Annual Global Bars Day: January 16, 2021

Access Consciousness®, a global personal empowerment company present in over 176 countries, will host its 8th annual Global Access Bars® Day on January 16th, to help people around the world discover new possibilities for happiness in 2021.

Hosted by Emily Evans Russell, Access Consciousness has created the most powerful Global Access Bars Day yet, featuring interviews and powerful tools with the creators of Access Consciousness plus interviews from leading facilitators on consciousness, relationships, creation, choice, stress, and what to do when life doesn’t go to plan.

With 2020 creating uncertainty and unhappiness for many people in the world, Access Consciousness has organized an inspiring line up of online interviews and forums, to help renew a sense of hope for the year.

Global Access Bars® Day will be translated into 24 different languages, and live coverage will be available at http://www.globalaccessbarsday.com. Participants will be invited to give and receive the Access Bars® body process.

Highlights of the day include:

  • 9:30AM CT: “What is Consciousness?” With special guest Dr Dain Heer.
  • 12:00PM CT: “Mindfulness: Is it All it is Cracked Up to Be?” A Discussion on Mindfulness versus Awareness with Gary Douglas.
  • 3:00PM CT: “Calling All Stewards of the Earth.” Creating a Sustainable Earth with Shannon O’Hara.
  • 4:00PM CT: “What the Bleep is Energy?” Why You Want to Add it to Your Toolbox in 2021 with Dr Dain Heer.
  • 5:30PM CT: “Help, I Can’t Make Decisions!” The Power of Choice with Brendon Watt.
  • 7:00PM CT: “Don’t wait! Create! How do you make 2021 your best year yet!” Featuring a strong talk with Simone Milasas.

With over 300,000 facilitators worldwide, and millions that have had their Bars run, the target of this event is to create a ripple effect — to reduce stress, and create more peace and ease with participants simultaneously running Bars globally on this 8th Annual Global Access Bars® Day.

To find out more, visit: https://youtu.be/chInbjquLaw.

About Access Bars

Access Bars® utilizes pressure points on the head to defragment the electromagnetic components of stress, thought and emotions, and has brought relief to millions. The Access Bars® technique has been in practice for nearly 30 years and was performed on this global scale for the first time in 2013. Last year participants from all over the world, such as in India, France, Germany, China, and the United States took part in the online event.

About Access Consciousness

The aim of Access Consciousness is to create a world of consciousness and oneness; to get you to the point where you have access to total awareness, with no judgment of anything. Currently available in more than 170 countries, Access tools and techniques have contributed to changing the lives of hundreds of thousands of people around the world for the past 30 years. What most people love about Access is that it actually works, and it is easily accessible through seminars, tele-series, books, audio recordings and consultations. http://www.accessconsciousness.com.

For more information, to become involved or to participate in the 8th Annual Global Access Bars® Day, visit http://www.globalaccessbarsday.com and follow the hashtags: #globalaccessbarsday, #accessbars, and #getyourbarsrun.

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