9 Delicious Paleo Meal Delivery Services to Try This Year

It’s pretty undeniable that subscribing to a meal kit service makes everyday life a lot more convenient. Not only do you spend less time recipe planning, grocery shopping, and cooking, but you also save on brain space you’d otherwise dedicate to pondering on what you want to eat. And if you were looking to opt into a paleo meal delivery service, knowing exactly what qualifies a paleo recipe or meal in the first place is easy with a paleo meal deliver plan. With these delicious top-rated meal delivery services, that kind of guesswork is removed from the equation. 

In case you’ve been blessedly spared from the low-carb, paleo diet discourse, this approach to eating is roughly modeled of how humans ate during the Paleolithic era. So, there’s an emphasis on foods rich in protein and fats, like meats, eggs, nuts, and seeds, as well as non-starchy vegetables and fruits—things that, theoretically, could have been scavenged or hunted back in the day. Foods that require cultivation or processing, on the other hand, are to be avoided when following the paleo credo. That means legumes, starchy vegetables, grains, dairy products, and anything with preservatives or added sugars are pretty much off the (dinner) table. 

If you’re interested in testing the paleo waters (or trying any new diet, for that matter), it’s a good idea to talk to your doctor or a registered dietitian beforehand, to make sure the meal plan is suitable for your health. After that, in the name of making your life easier as previously discussed, you can seek out a paleo meal delivery service that works for you. Below, we’ve listed the best meal kit delivery companies with paleo-compliant menus. Is there some amount of irony in having meals that adhere to a caveman diet delivered straight to your temperature-controlled, modern home? Maybe, but when the meals sound as yummy as these, we’re fine with it. And to take the guesswork out of subscribing to a meal kit, be sure to check out our guide on how to shop meal delivery services.

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