A Brand New Man: Amazing Loser Matt Bell

You’re a MAN v FAT Football member. Why did you join?

I had tried two different slimming clubs before, no good. I think I liked the idea that MvF has a competitive element to it. You’re not just losing weight for yourself, but for your teammates.

The team around me, and the wider league in Salford is very good at celebrating people’s achievements and praising/supporting each other.

THAT (for someone who does need positive reinforcement) has been massive for me. Just being able to turn up, lose weight, have a good game of football and then talk to people, pass on advice about food etc., has been excellent.

And I like that, and maybe this is bloody, but no one is suggesting “just have a bag of salad for your dinner”. We all like food and we want to still eat well, but do it in a much more manageable way. The chats with people have really helped me get my portion size under control for example.

The competition, support and the team WhatsApp chats have all been reasons why it works for me.


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