ABI Wellness Expands Cognitive Enhancement Program through ECHOS in…

New ECHOS system uses BEARS to help ages 50+ optimize their brains as they age.

Many people 50+ in our community are looking for ways to optimize their brain health as they age… having access to a coach and a system will help many of us to achieve this optimally…

ABI Wellness, creators of the integrated client care, tracking, and reporting approach designed under CEO Mark Watson, announced today that its Brain Enhance and Recovery System (BEARS) is now available through Eaton Cognitive Health Optimization Systems (http://www.myechos.com) in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

This new system, which integrates all aspects of cognitive enhancement, focuses on helping organizations reliably serve their clients in a way that optimizes and standardizes the process of cognitive enhancement with a specific focus, in this case, on healthy aging.

Optimizing Your Brain for Healthier Aging

ECHOS founder Howard Eaton is concerned about the impact of COVID19 on the elders in our community. “Many people 50+ in our community are looking for ways to optimize their brain health as they age. We know that watching what you eat, exercising regularly and keeping our brains active supports the healthy aging process. However, like with many things in life, having access to a coach and a system will help many of us to achieve this optimally with a community of like-minded people. With the launch of ECHOS we are excited to implement ABI Wellness’s BEARS platform to further support the healthy aging process. We can’t wait to get started!”

ABI Wellness is excited to bring our platform to the team at ECHOS as a response to the need for more integrative and customizable brain optimization systems for the aging population. ABI Wellness CEO Mark Watson states: “We are excited to work with ECHOS on this initiative to bring our cognitive enhancement program to support ECHOS. We know that brain change is possible throughout the lifespan, and this relationship is very exciting to our team as we bring our cognitive enhancement program to this population. So many members of the aging population are more isolated than ever due to COVID19 and the impact of this isolation on overall health and wellness is of great concern. The BEARS platform can play a key role in helping ECHOS to reliably meet many of the needs of this marginalized population in need. We are excited to play a small role.”


Safe Online Service for Clients

BEARS platform reduces the need for in-person appointments and provides online tracking and group support. In addition to ECHOS in Vancouver, BC, the service is available to patients through official Providers in Surrey, BC; Squamish, BC; Kelowna, BC; and Vancouver, BC. BEARS is also available in the USA in Richmond, VA and Oradell, NJ.


The BEARS launch at ECHOS is timed to extend the reach of cognitive recovery clinics in April, a month when many resolve to recover from brain injury and improve brain health – especially relevant this season considering the current Covid-19 health crisis.

About ABI Wellness

ABI Wellness is headquartered in Vancouver, BC, Canada. The company was co-founded in Spring of 2014 by Mark Watson, CEO and former Executive Director of the Watson Centre for Brain Health, and Howard Eaton, President and Chair. ABI Wellness’s system is used in both large, renowned hospitals and private clinics.

For more information: abiwellness.com, @abiwellness #abiwellness, info@abiwellness.com. ABI Wellness, 204-6190 Agronomy Rd, Vancouver, BC V6T 1Z3

Media Contact:

Michelle Taschereau CBIS

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ABI Wellness

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Toll-Free: 1-833-414-8958 Ext. 1


About Eaton Cognitive Health Optimization Systems (ECHOS)

ECHOS was started in 2021 by Howard Eaton to better support the needs of people in the community looking to optimize their brain health as they age. His goal is to align some of the best practices in healthy aging into one accessible program that people can join and experience a healthier program while under the close supervision of a cognitive coach.

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