Am I just doomed to be a skinny person?

I've been trying to eat the most and healthiest I can recently. But Im naturally very skinny, it's in my genes, my dad was the same way at my age but Ive also never been good at eating and this is the first time I've tried (I've been trying for 6 months). Sometimes I see people post saying they were skinny at 130lbs and went up to 150 and those ppl just look to me like they weren't naturally skinny they just didn't eat enough.

I have been following the tips on here, I've read the skinny guide. Ive been gaining weight but very slowly. My diet is 3000-3500 calories with a lot of protein and I workout everyday. I started at 90 and I'm currently 104lbs but it's been difficult trying to get past that. Also Im 20 and 5'7"

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