Annoyingly fast metabolism

So, I’ve been trying to put on some weight for a while.

I eat 3 meals a day and a whole load of snacks (mostly chocolate if I’m honest).

Lots of bread, vegetables and I eat meat a couple times a week. Would be more but I’ve been living with some vegetarians for the last month and am trying to be respectful of them as well as limiting my meat intake due to its effect on the environment / eating meat every day probably isn’t great for you.

Somehow though, I’ve managed to lose 0.5kg in the last month.

Anyone got any tips to gain a bit more weight? I’m not a massive fan of eating but I do get hungry & when I do I make sure to eat.

Is my metabolism just fast and I need to just eat a lot more than my usual 3 meals or am I just not eating the right foods & there are some high calorie things I can be working into my diet?

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