Are Cherries Keto? Carbs In Cherries + Substitutes

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Many natural foods fit in a ketogenic lifestyle, but unfortunately not all fruit is low carb fruit. How do cherries fit in this lifestyle? Are cherries keto, or not? Let’s go over carbs in cherries (several kinds), plus how to capture the flavor of cherries on keto.

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Are Cherries Keto Friendly?

Sorry, cherries aren’t keto. They have too many carbs per serving to easily fit in a low carb lifestyle.

Are cherries low carb, then? They might be, but you’d have to understand your personal macros to know for sure. Some may be able to easily enjoy them, while others may have to work them in more carefully.

Are cherries keto friendly? These fresh cherries are not keto.

How Many Carbs In Cherries?

Do cherries have carbs? They do, but how many carbs in fresh cherries? Too many to fit into daily keto macros: Total carbs in cherries with pits (a 1-cup serving) clock in at 24 grams [*].

What about net carbs in cherries? They do contain a small amount of fiber, but net carbs for the same serving size still add up to a whopping 21 grams.

How many carbs in one cherry?

Can you eat cherries on the keto diet if you limit the serving to just one fruit? If it’s worth it to you, you can: A single fresh cherry contains 1.1 grams total carbs and 1 gram net carbs.

How many carbs in bing cherries?

Bing cherry carb count is still high: A 1-cup serving adds up to 25 grams total carbs and 22 grams net carbs [*].

Are cherries keto friendly? These two cherries with their stem may be keto in very small amounts.

Keto Cherries Substitutes

Now that you know the answer to “how many carbs do cherries have?”, try getting sweet and fruity flavor with these swaps:

  • Other keto fruits – If you’re looking for a fruity taste with fewer carbs, trade cherries for fruits with keto-friendly macros.
  • Small amounts of fresh cherries – If you have one or two cherries at a time, you can still enjoy them on keto — the serving size is just very small.
  • Cherry extract – It can add fruity taste to desserts without the high carbs in cherries.
  • Cherry drink mix – For cherry flavor in drinks, try a sugar-free powdered mix. The ingredients make it a dirty keto option, but it still has way fewer carbs.
  • Sugar-free cherry cola – Also dirty keto, but much better than traditional cherry sodas!
  • Keto friendly sweeteners – For sweetness without strong cherry flavor, use these keto friendly sweetener options.

Conclusion: Can You Have Cherries On Keto?

Carbs in cherries are much too high to enjoy on keto — at least, not in full serving sizes. Enjoy very small amounts of the fruit (like 1-2 cherries), or try cherry substitutes to get their flavor without the high carbs.

Keto Food List


Join 200,000+ others to get a FREE keto food list, plus weekly keto recipes!


Are cherries keto, or are carbs in cherries too high? Get the answers, plus ways to enjoy sweet cherry flavor on keto.

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