Around the weekend, stocking stuffers and last-min gift ideas

Hi friends! Happy Monday! How was the weekend? Ours was a good one – the Pilot was home for longer than two days, so I’ll call it a win haha. Friday night has turned into Game Night at our house, so we played many hilarious rounds of Old Maid with the girls. (PS I got them these card holders so they can easily hold all of the cards in one hand.) You’re supposed to be sneaky about who has the Old Maid, but in pure Harney fashion, one of us shouts, “Old Maid!” when someone takes it. Always playing it cool. After the girls went to bed, the Pilot and I stayed up until midnight watching numerous episodes of Schitt’s Creek and enjoying the sophisticated pairing of rosé and peanut butter pretzels.

Saturday, I got some work stuff done and chores around the house. I came home from running a quick errand, and this dog followed me into the garage! She was SO sweet and even though she didn’t have a collar, I knew she had owners. I walked into the house to get a leash – I didn’t want her to get hit by a car – and she followed me right into the house. It took an entire 5 minutes of walking down the street to find her owners. I was happy to see them reunited, but maybe also hoping she could just live here forever.

pomeranian collie mix

pomeranian collie mix

(I also chuckled to myself thinking about the few times Bella ran off over the years. When we lived in San Diego, she had escaped through the front gate and headed to a nearby park, where she joined a baby shower.)

Saturday night we got sushi takeout and went over to my nana’s to hang Christmas lights. It’s feeling very festive over there now!

Sunday, the girls had horse lessons, we headed to the farmer’s market for a couple of last-minute gifts, and I recorded some new fitness videos. Stay tuned for a foam rolling video this week.

luminary nights at the tucson botanical gardens

luminary nights at the tucson botanical gardens

We also went to see the gorgeous luminaria lights at the Botanical Gardens. They fill the gardens with ornate illuminated statues and hundreds of luminarias. Last year, it was just me and the girls, so it was a special treat to have the Pilot there with us. Blast from the past picture from last year, when P just wanted to hug the Grinch.

(Remember the good ol’ days when we could just hug creepy costumed characters?)

WE’RE DONE CHRISTMAS SHOPPING (wahoo!) but I’m always looking for last-min little things to add. Just wanted to share some stocking stuffer ideas if you’re looking for little gifts this week.

For teachers: gift cards! I heard that’s it. That’s all they want. Homemade gifts and mugs are super cute, but after talking with teacher friends, they prefer gift cards they can actually use. I got lululemon gift cards for the girls’ dance teachers and am getting Target gift cards for school teachers. Restaurant gift cards and Starbucks are always a hit, too.

Stocking stuffers for adults:

Fitness dice

Chocolate bars (the Hu Kitchen almond butter chocolate bar is liiiiiife)

Mini bottles of La Marca or whiskey



Cozy slipper socks


Their fave nostalgic candy

A new keychain

Stocking stuffers for kids:


Key chains and har clips (A blog reader’s 7 year old daughter owns this business!!! I couldn’t wait to support her and ordered the cutest initial key chains and hair clips for the girls)

Little dolls or LOLs


Slime or Playdoh (my biggest enemies but the girls love them. The smashed purple slime in Liv’s bedroom on the carpet does not love me.)

Cute necklaces or bracelets

Mini sticker books or tattoo books

Melting Snowmen (these were favorites the past two years)

Glow sticks

Their favorite candy. Our girls also love bars, gummies, hot cocoa packs, or Justin’s peanut butter packs

So tell me friends, any cute or different stocking stuffer ideas? What was a highlight of your weekend?



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