Article: How to Strengthen your Hair, Skin & Nails with Silica

Silica is a key ingredient in many hair, skin and nail supplements, as it acts as a strengthening and repairing agent. We have silica naturally in our body, but as we age, the silica in our body tends to decline. This is a big reason why many of us start to see visible signs of ageing, like thinning hair, decreased elasticity in the skin and weak, brittle nails, which is why it’s so important to start silica supplementing.

I have been working silica into my own routine for some time now, but I’ve recently discovered a new silica supplement that has really blown me away. The Earth and Sea Beauty Silica + Iodine & Iron capsules are the newest addition to my inner beauty regimen, and I’m already seeing some big improvements in the strength of my hair, skin and nails.

Read on to find out why silica might just be the secret ingredient your routine is missing!

Silica for hair growth

A silica deficiency is often a reason for hair loss and thinning, which is why you’ll find it in so many products that are formulated to repair dry, damaged hair. Silica assists in repairing broken bonds and hair follicles, working to promote hair growth and fullness. Many people have found that increasing their silica intake has lead to thicker, more lustrous hair without the need for more invasive treatments or things like hormone supplements.

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Silica benefits for skin

Collagen, found naturally in our body, is responsible for keeping our skin looking smooth, plump and youthful. As we mature, our body’s natural collagen production process begins to slow, which leads to our skin losing that beautiful bounce and glow we had when we were younger.

Silica is one of the main contributors to collagen production, which is why taking a silica supplement is so great for the skin. Supplementing silica can help to boost our natural collagen production, giving us our glow back, plumping up the skin and helping to iron out fine lines and wrinkles.

How to strengthen nails with silica

Have you noticed that as you age, it can become more and more difficult to grow long, strong nails without them splitting and breaking? As we age, our nails and bones lose a bit of their natural density and start to weaken, hence that nail breakage.


Silica, when ingested, can help deliver essential vitamins and nutrients to our nails to help them grow stronger and healthier. It also plays an important role in the metabolism of calcium in our body, helping to support and maintain strong bones and teeth.

The best natural silica supplement

I have found it so easy to work the Earth and Sea Beauty Silica + Iodine & Iron supplements into my routine as you only need to take two capsules per day, with water or juice, to start seeing results.

Earth & Sea Beauty for Hair and Nails

What I’m loving about these silica tablets is that they also contain iodine and iron, which are essential for your body to create thyroid hormones- the hormones that help to control metabolism and repair damaged skin cells.
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