Article: Why Sven’s Island Kanuka Honey Could Be Nature’s Best Kept Secret

As it turns out, however, Manuka isn’t necessarily the best type of honey for health.

Kanuka Honey, Manuka’s lesser-known cousin, has been harvested in New Zealand for many years, and has many of Manuka Honey’s health benefits – and then some. Kanuka Honey has powerful antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, both of which make it an amazing topical and internal treatment. To explain this natural superfood in greater detail, we’ve teamed up with the experts at Sven’s Island Natural Remedies. From where it’s harvested to its many health benefits, learn what makes Kanuka Honey so special.

1. It’s incredibly rare

Kanuka Honey is harvested from the Aotea Kanuka tree, a New Zealand native that is only found on Great Barrier Island, which happens to be the home of Sven’s Island Natural Remedies. The honey can only be harvested once a season, when the flowers of the Kanuka are in full bloom – making it a precious, rare natural nectar!

For more than 30 years, Sven has carefully harvested Kanuka Honey using a combination of traditional and innovative techniques, and shared it with the world through a number of natural health products.

2. It contains an anti-inflammatory “secret ingredient”

In addition to super high concentrations of the anti-inflammatory PGE 1, Sven’s Island Kanuka Honey has been clinically proven to contain a unique Glycoprotein, Arabinogalactan Protein (AGP). AGP stimulates the cells of the immune system and releases cytokines, proteins that help heal wounds and calm infections faster.

Kanuka Honey is also clinically proven to have a high concentration of antibacterial agents known as DHAs, which can help fight off microbes and prevent infection.

3. It has plenty of natural therapeutic benefits

The powerful anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties of Kanuka Honey make it a powerful treatment for a range of common skin diseases and concerns ranging from dryness to dermatitis.

A simple Kanuka Honey ointment can be applied topically as a face mask that can combat blemishes and breakouts, and may even assist with the treatment of actinic keratosis, staph infections, rosacea, eczema, cold sores, psoriasis, and dermatitis.

On top of this, a teaspoon of Kanuka a day can help promote gut health and fight off urinary tract infections, in addition to providing a first line of defence against sore throats, ulcers, gut issues, IBS, and E. Coli. As a bonus, it’s lower in sugar and less bitter than Manuka Honey, which makes settling the Kanuka Honey vs Manuka Honey debate easy!

Improve your health with Kanuka Honey

When it comes to natural remedies for coughs, common skin conditions, and other infections, it doesn’t get much better than Kanuka Honey. Rich in nutrients and antibacterial and anti-inflammatory agents, it can yield fantastic results when ingested or used as a topical treatment.

Try Sven’s Island Kanuka Honey and experience its many benefits for yourself today, or discover more natural health and beauty tips on our blog.

Brand: Sven’s Island


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