Australia’s favourite corner store ice creams, ranked

Golden Gaytimes. Magnums. Frosty Fruits. We love them all. But dietitian Melissa Meier provides a definitive ranking of Australia’s most iconic, and loved, iced confectionaries – healthiest to least healthy. 

Nothing says summer like blue bird skies, a dip in the ocean and an ice-cold treat to cool you down. With good health in mind, however, you might be wondering which iconic Aussie favourites are on the lighter side, and which are a little more indulgent.

Before we dive in to the freezer, let’s get one thing straight: as a dietitian, I wholeheartedly believe a treat is exactly that: a treat. They don’t need to be banished from your diet forever – but instead, enjoyed every now and then, 100 per cent guilt-free.

If that’s your take on them, too, picking the so-called ‘healthiest’ one of the bunch doesn’t really matter. Choose what you like, enjoy it and move on. The end.

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If icy treats are featured in your diet more frequently than that, however, it will pay to analyse the nutrition information panel and look for an option that’s a little more sensible. The key criteria is:

#1. Portion controlled

The average energy intake is 8700 kilojoules (and for weight loss, that number drops to 6300 kilojoules). With that in mind, I’d recommend a treat with less than 400 kilojoules. Some options can pack well over 1000 kilojoules, which puts a pretty serious dent in your total daily intake.

#2. Low in saturated fat

This is the type of fat that’s bad for heart health. It usually ramps up in anything chocolatey, coconut-y and/or cream based.

#3. Low in sugar

Iced-confectioneries contain added sugar, which is the type you want to minimise. So, it’s wise to look at the nutrition information panel and pick an option that’s on the lower side of the sugar spectrum.

Australia’s favourite corner store ice-creams and icy poles, ranked healthiest to least healthy

#1. Icy Pole Lemonade

Per 75g serve: 180kJ,

#2. Splice Pine Lime

Per 62g serve: 331kJ, 0.7g protein, 0.9g sat fat, 11.5g sugar

#3. Paddlepop Chocolate

Per 54g serve: 298kJ, 1.2g protein, 1.5g sat fat, 9.2g sugar

#4. Frosty Fruit Tropical

Per 78g serve: 340kJ,

#5. Calippo Raspberry Pineapple

Per 105g serve: 381kJ, 0g protein, 0g sat fat, 21.1g sugar

#6. Weiss Mango & Ice Cream Bar

Per 80g serve: 471kJ, 0.9g protein, 2.6g sat fat, 17.8g sugar

#7. Bubble O Bill

Per 67g serve: 666kJ, 2.3g protein, 5.3g sat fat, 17.4g sugar

#8. Cornetto Vanilla

Per 70g serve: 878kJ, 2.7g protein, 7.1g sat fat, 17.2g sugar

#9. Golden Gaytime

Per 78g serve: 1000kJ, 2.8g protein, 8.2g sat fat, 17g sugar

#10. Magnum Classic

Per 82g serve: 1050kJ, 3.3g protein, 10.9g sat fat, 19.4g sugar

Melissa Meier is a Sydney-based accredited practising dietitian. You can connect with her on Instagram @honest_nutrition.

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