Barre Bootcamp 2.0 – we start one week from today!

Hi friends! Happy Monday to you! I hope you had a wonderful weekend. It felt great to be back home after a short but impactful mastermind trip to Austin. I’ll report back soon with more details from the trip, but it ended with me dropping my phone into a lake while we were paddle boarding!! Butterfingers haha. I traveled back to Tucson without a phone – it makes you realize how much we rely on these things! – but thankfully by the time I got back, the Pilot had filed a claim for a replacement and had reactivated my old phone to use until it gets here. What a hero, I tell ya.

I’m writing with exciting news today: Barre Bootcamp 2.0 is HERE and we start 1 week from today! Read on for all the details and you can snag your spot here.

Here’s what you get when you sign up:

6 videos to watch and follow from anywhere (Barre Strength, Classic Barre, Barre Booty, Cardio Barre, Upper Body + HIIT and the bonus Pilates Core Fusion!)

– Modifications for beginners and low-impact

A 30-day fitness calendar designed for maximum results so you’re not wondering how to set up a balanced and effective workout plan

30 days of coaching directly with me in a closed private community where you’ll connect with like-minded women who have similar goals and can provide accountability and daily motivation so you’re guaranteed to stick with it

Weekly Zoom calls with myself and other health and fitness professionals to chat about a variety of topics (nutrition, balancing hormones, stress reduction, injury prevention, consistency, and mindset) to help you achieve your goals

Check out the trailer here:

[embedded content]

(A special thanks to my friend Katie for being my modifier and also instructing the amazing Pilates Core Fusion for this series and to Grant, my fave video guy. He recorded and edited all of these exciting videos and has helped with many blog-related projects over the years.)

Some FAQs about Barre Bootcamp 2.0:

Are these the same workouts from the original Barre Bootcamp?

No, these are all new! They’re yours to keep, stream from the Gumroad app, or download to a hard drive when you sign up.

How much equipment do you need??

A pair of light dumbbells, something sturdy to hold onto for balance, and a mat. (Optional: resistance band loop and a small Pilates or playground ball)

How long are the workouts?

All workouts are 30-40 minutes. For the 4-week plan, we also include cardio options and rest days to make it as effective and balanced as possible.

Do you provide modifications?

We provide beginner-friendly, postpartum, and pregnancy-friendly options along the way. As always, check with a doctor before making any fitness changes and honor your body.

Is there any coaching involved?

YES! I’ll be doing the workouts live with you and also checking in our Facebook group. This is the recipe for accountability and transformation – I’ll be holding your hand along the way! Also, we’ll have lots of group motivation mojo going and weekly check-in Zoom calls. We’ll be chatting with some of my fitness and health professional friends on a variety of topics: injury prevention, pre- and post-workout nutrition, balancing stress and hormones, and consistency and mindset.

Do the workouts expire?

NO! You’ll receive everything directly through Gumroad. The videos are yours to keep forever 🙂 You can download them (grab a hard drive because they’re giant files) or stream through the Gumroad app.

I’m training for a race, due with a baby soon, or can’t participate in the live challenge. I still want the videos! What can I do?

We have a video and plan option here! This is like the DIY version and doesn’t involve the group challenge or coaching aspect. You have all of the videos and the plan, so you can do this at your own pace when it works for you!

Here’s what previous Barre Bootcamp friends had to say about their experience:

Are you ready to join in?!

Sign up here! I’m going to be doing the 30 days with you and CAN’T WAIT to shake things up, challenge myself along with you, and interact with our inspiring community.

If you don’t want to join in the challenge but still want the videos and plan to use when you’d like, grab your copy here.

Enrollment for the challenge and cart for the videos will close on Sunday.

So excited to join in this with you all!

Leave a comment below if you’re joining in the fun 🙂 Also, please leave any questions in the comments or send me an email



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