Best diet in the world to lose weight is elected: it makes losing weight fast and healthy

An eating plan that promotes weight loss in a healthy way must always be indicated and guided by a professional, according to the profile and need of each person. Therefore, there is not a single diet considered suitable for everyone, but among so many “fad regimes”, making a selection is important to avoid pitfalls.

What is the best diet to lose weight

Each year, the US News & World Report publishes a report made by an expert with the best diets in the world , contemplating different objectives. In 2018, the method conducted by Weight Watchers was voted number 1 among those that most promote weight loss in a short time and, of course, with health.

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The Weight Watchers program still ranks third among the “Best Diabetes Diets”, in addition to appearing in the ranking of other categories such as “Easier to Follow Diets”, “Best Diets in General” and “Best Diets for a Lifetime” Healthy”.

The Weight Watchers’ diet proposes the adoption of a lifestyle that combines healthy habits both in food and physical exercise for a gradual and sustainable weight reduction.

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In the program, counselors conduct weekly meetings to inform and support dietary supporters in the process of weight loss or maintaining the weight goal. At meetings, the person undergoes weighing and participates in discussions on topics related to weight loss.

In addition to Weight Watchers, which appears in the first place in the ranking, other diets were also chosen as good for weight loss, such as:

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  • Volumetric Diet: slow weight loss plan, but prevents your followers from starving. The focus of the diet menu is basically grains, fruits, vegetables, vegetables, low-fat dairy products and lean proteins.
  • Jenny Craig Diet: created in 1983 by Jenny Craig and her husband, the plan won over several celebrities for being personalized, combining weight control with a specific meal menu for each company client.
  • Vegan Diet: consists of food without meat, fish, poultry or any other product of animal origin. Research shows that vegans tend to eat fewer calories, are leaner and have a lower Body Mass Index. The menu of a vegan diet must be put together by a nutritionist and must contain options such as fruits, vegetables and whole grains.



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