Big Changes Coming For 2021

All good things must come to an end, and my adventure with blogging is no different. But before you you scream “WHAT!?” at your computer or phone screen, read a little more about what exactly is going to happen and what that means for TwoSleevers and WouldIBuyThis.

Dr. Urvashi Pitre

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Jump to:
  • 3 years
  • 900 recipes
  • 9 cookbooks
  • 150 videos
  • 3 Culinary Trips
  • Countless new friends
  • Endless laughter and learning

I couldn’t be more proud of that list of accomplishments if I tried. And none of those things would have been possible without you all.

Even by my busy standards, that’s quite a list of things to accomplish in just a few short years. So, I’ve decided that it’s time for me to take a break.

Why I’m Stepping Away From Blogging

The last few years have been incredibly rewarding as I have been able to learn so many new things, make countless new friends, share my love for food, and watch you all transform your health for the better.

As I was reflecting back on everything that has changed in my life with the small “break” from normalcy 2020 threw my way, I realized how busy I truly had been.

Normally I thrive in the chaos and urgency that comes with wearing multiple hats and I have no doubt that I still can. However, this year has changed my perception of things.

The nights of making dinner for my family while taking conference calls, flying thousands of miles a day just to meet with a client, shoot photos for a cookbook, and race to get my kids to school before my next business meeting are all fond memories, but it’s time to settle down a bit.

The times that most of the world is settling in to watch tv, read a book, make dinner, go on vacation, or enjoy a holiday have turned into the times that I want to be available the most for the TwoSleevers community.

As much as I would love to respond to every comment and tag on social media and email that comes my way, it leaves me with little downtime. The time that I need right now to recharge.

I realized that it’s time to slow down and enjoy the small things. Spend more time with my children. Watch tv with Roger. Snuggle with Gracie. They deserve to have my full attention at this point in my life and I simply can’t continue to live the same lifestyle I was before and give them the time I want to give them.

I think many of you know I struggle with Rheumatoid Arthritis. I was also recently diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and I need to slow down, and deal with the constant pain I’m creating in my own body, but not taking care of it as I should.

Photo of Urvashi Pitre & Roger Gorman

What Will Be The Same?

You may be asking yourself “If you’re not going to be blogging anymore, what is going to happen to the blog and all of the recipes?”

Well, rest assured that everything you currently know and love will still be here (except for me). The blogs and will still be active and there will still be a team doing their best to provide the quality content you’re used to seeing on both sites. Here are a few other things that will stay the same with the transition as well:

  • Keto Facebook Group
  • Instant Pot and Air Fryer Facebook Group
  • Animal Crossing Group
  • TwoSleevers Culinary Tour Group and culinary trips that I will continue to organize and enjoy with you
  • Facebook Pages
  • Instagram for Twosleevers
  • Instagram for WIBT
  • TikTok for Twosleevers
  • YouTube
  • Twosleevers Pinterest
  • WIBT Pinterest
A group of people posing for a photo in front of the Taj Mahal

What Will Be Different?

Well, we’ll start off with the obvious. I won’t be around anymore on a full-time basis. Well, you may still see me popping in to say “hello” from time to time in the Facebook groups, and I will continue to help out as a moderator for now.

But as far as making new recipes, answering all of your questions, and being the overall face of TwoSleevers, I’ll be missing.

I may still contribute recipes from time to time, and you’ll know they are mine because they will have my name on them!

I’m leaving behind a wonderful team of moderators to be active in the groups and keep them running just as smoothly as they currently do.

There is a team of moderators that you will be able to tag in the Facebook groups and ask any questions regarding recipes, how to use your Air Fryer or questions about your Instant Pot. I promise they’re all very knowledgeable and will give you the best advice possible.

Once again, I would love to thank you all from the bottom of my heart for making the last few years, and this online journey a reality. When I first started the blog it was only a hobby and it became so much more.

With Twosleevers, it was never just about the recipes, was it? It was about better health, learning about new cultures, laughing together, taking care of each other–forming a community. And that community is still alive and well.

Thank you for trusting me to help feed your families, give you advice on changing your eating habits, and welcoming me into your lives through our new friendships. Namaste to all of you, from Roger and me (and Gracie).


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