Building a healthy lunchbox

Building a healthy lunchbox

Build a healthy vego lunchbox brought to you by a true lover of a good lunchbox!! With a vego lunchbox aim for as much  diversity in your foods / ingredients as you can sneak in there, that way you know you’re achieving a variety of nutrients in your lunch and snacks and not bored by it.


To make things fun, I baked a loaf of delicious @mtelephant Savoury Protein Bread which will last me for a week of lunches (maybe more if I freeze a few slices too!) full of great sources of fibre, carbs and plant protein from hemp, almonds and flax.

Then add lots of scrumptious veggies in there and herbs (loooove herbs), a portion of some yummy fats to cream things up – haloumi and avo today. Season and that’s lunch done.

Then make sure you’ve some simple healthy treats on hand. Delicious Superfood Protein Balls – these are @mtelephant Chocolate Hazelnut full of hazelnut, hemp seeds, pea protein, cacao, dates and buckwheat and a piece of fruit and there you have a lovely delicious lunch and snacks to energise you for your day.

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