Calling all Chocoholics! Get the New and Improved Guilt-Free Chocolate Drink Just 146 cals!

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Woah! There’s a NEW and IMPROVED Healthy Mummy Drinking Chocolate available and the best part about it (apart from its AMAZING taste), is that you can enjoy it GUILT-FREE!!!

New and Improved Drinking Chocolate

You will not believe how creamy, rich and indulgent this decadent chocolatey drink is, and it’s only 146 calories when made up with 300ml of skimmed milk. Not only does it taste amazing, but it’s also a great source of magnesium, protein, calcium, potassium and phosphorus!

This is an even more creamier and more chocolatey formula than our previous Drinking Chocolate. You can enjoy it hot (just like a hot chocolate) or icy cold or even add it to your smoothie for a chocolatey hit!

Hear what REAL MUMS are saying about the New and Improved Drinking Chocolate!

Sacha, Mum of 3, NSW:“I loved the old drinking chocolate but this is SO much better! It’s super chocolaty and creamy. I love that I can have it hot or cold as an iced chocolate, plus it takes care of my chocolate cravings! It’s a WINNER”

Emily, Mum of 3, VIC: “I LOVE the new drinking chocolate – so creamy and is a great way to to have a chocolate fix without the calories!”

Ashleigh, Mum of 2, NSW: “OMG – it is soooo good. Even my hubby loves it! 10/10 from me”

Amanda, Mum of 5, QLD: “I can finally drink a milk shake or hot chocolate without all the extra sugar. Big thumbs up from me and it is super tasty!”

Our Nutritionist Cheree Sheldon also gives it the thumbs up! She says, “This is a creamy indulgent hot chocolate with no added sugars, it will really hit the cravings without hitting the hips.I love nutritionally dense products, and with added minerals this a super charged treat. The Healthy Mummy drinking chocolate is naturally sweetened with thaumatin, a plant originating in Africa that gives a beautiful sweetness without adding any calories. Perfect for a hot chocolate, or to make your smoothie extra chocolate-y!

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