Calories in Starbucks Christmas drinks 2021

Picture the scene: you’re out doing your Christmas shopping, it’s cold, your wallet is groaning and you’re bored of schlepping around yet another department store’s gift section. And then you see the welcoming arms of the Starbucks siren, beckoning you in for a warming coffee.

Starbucks Christmas drinks are everyone’s festive favourites and they’re back for 2021, and if you’re looking for Starbucks Christmas drinks calories, we’ve got you covered.

We’re always keen on stressing that there are no ‘bad’ foods when it comes to losing weight and that nothing should be off-limits as long as you’re going in prepared, so in that spirit, we’ve poured over the nutritional information to bring you the ultimate guide to Starbucks’ Christmas menu 2021. Here’s the low down on the calories in Starbucks Christmas drinks 2021.

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Eggnog latte

The eggnog latte is the DON of Christmas drinks and I won’t hear a bad word said against it. Don’t be put off by the egg part of eggnog – it’s basically just very velvety milk. You can’t make this one vegan or switch the milk, unfortunately, which also means opportunities to cut down on calories are limited. But it’s worth it.

An eggnog latte is probably best kept for a treat as it’s not low in calories and has a crazy amount of sugar.

Toffee Nut Latte

A latte made with toffee nut syrup, whipped cream and toffee nut sprinkles.

If you’re trying to keep the calories low, opt for a tall made with almond milk, which comes in at 141 calories. Starbucks publish their nutritional information accounting for whipped cream, so to drive down the calories even more ask for it without. Although you will then be sacrificing the delicious toffee nut sprinkles, so…


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