Can’t gain weight

Back in March/April, I was sick with covid for 6 weeks. During that time I lost a good bit of weight. Now 6 months later I am struggling with appetite and cannot gain it back. In fact I’m still losing weight. I’m normally very slim. My healthy normal weight while I’m exercising and eating well is around 115-118lbs. I’m a woman, 5’7 height. After covid, I’ve hovered around 108-110lbs. And I just noticed some of my clothes were really baggy yesterday so I weighed myself this morning and I am down to 105lbs. I am struggling with appetite mainly. I am almost never hungry and when I am & I eat, I get incredibly nauseous to the point where I almost need to vomit during/after eating (i dont). But it is physically uncomfortable for me to eat. I’ve been doing some light workouts, which haven’t helped. I’m afraid to workout too hard since I’m likely malnourished.

I need to start gaining weight, I cannot continue to lose it like this. I feel so unhealthy and it’s taking a great toll on my energy and mental health. Does anyone have any recommendations? Thinking it may be time to call my doc.

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