Can’t tolerate eating fat for a long time?

The only way for my body to put on some weight it using fat. Idk why but it is what it is, so my doctor told me to eat lots of fat for a few weeks so that I can gain some weight (I was at 46,5 kg a week ago, now I’m at 47,5 kg, 170cm tall). Thing is, I wasn’t eating too much fat, I was eating quite normal, but drank 80-100ml whipping cream a day (mixed with milk and almonds) and ate roughly 100gr cheese. Now a littler over a week later I gained some weight, but since a few days, I’m kinda stuck, I don’t continue to gain weight and it feels like my body doesn’t tolerate it anymore. It just doesn’t take in the fat. It happened to me more than once. If I take a break for like a week I can gain weight again and my body seems to tolerate it again. But if I take a break I will lose some weight again, so I’ll be stuck between loosing and gaining. Anybody experienced anything similar? What can I do?

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