Carbs In Peas: Are Peas Keto?

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Bad news: Not all legumes work with a keto lifestyle. Some, like beans, have too many carbs — others, like peanut butter, are safe to enjoy. When it comes to carbs in peas, where do they stand on the low carb spectrum? Are peas keto? Let’s dive deep into the answers and learn how to enjoy peas on a carb-conscious lifestyle.

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Are Peas Keto Friendly?

Green peas are keto in moderation. A standard serving size might contain too many carbs, but small amounts can be safe to enjoy on this lifestyle.

Are peas low carb, though? Definitely! The right varieties of peas can easily fit into low carb macros.

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Are sugar snap peas keto?

Yes, these peas can be keto friendly! With the right serving size, carbs can stay low.

Are black eyed peas keto friendly?

Black eyed peas are not very keto friendly — the average serving size contains too many carbs to easily enjoy on keto.

Are wasabi peas keto?

Sorry, wasabi peas are not keto either. They contain added starch and sugar, which spikes the carb count.

Is split pea soup keto?

Split pea soup is also not keto friendly, unfortunately. Carbs per cup are too high to fit into keto macros.

How high are carbs in peas? The carbs in these 3 varieties of peas are too high to be very keto friendly.

How Many Carbs In Peas?

If you can have green peas on keto, just how many carbs in green peas? A 1/2-cup serving of plain cooked green peas contains 12.5 grams total carbs [*].

Are net carbs in peas any lower? With a solid amount of fiber, green peas contain 8.1 grams net carbs for the same serving size.

How many carbs in black eyed peas?

Sadly, black eyed peas contain almost twice as many carbs as green peas. Black eyed peas carb count (for canned peas) adds up to 21.2 grams total carbs and 15.5 grams net carbs for a 1/2-cup serving [*].

How many carbs in snap peas?

Can I eat peas on keto while they’re in the pod? Yes! Carbs in sugar snap peas, snow peas, and other edible-podded peas clock in at 2.6 grams total carbs and 1.7 grams net carbs for 10 raw pea pods [*].

How many carbs in wasabi peas?

Due to added sugar and starch, carbs are especially high in these peas. Wasabi peas carbs add up to 37.3 grams total carbs and 35 grams net carbs in a 1/2-cup serving [*].

How many carbs in split pea soup?

Do peas have carbs if you add them to soup? Yes. Carbs in pea soup (1 cup) clock in at 29.9 grams total carbs and 25.1 grams net carbs [*].

The chart below summarizes carb counts for all types of peas:

Serving Size Total Carbs Net Carbs
1/2 cup, green peas 12.5g 8.1g
1/2 cup, black eyed peas 21.2g 15.5g
10 pods, snap peas 2.6g 1.7g
1/2 cup, wasabi peas 37.3g 35g
1 cup, split pea soup 29.9g 25.1g

Keto Peas Substitutes

There are ways to incorporate peas in a low carb lifestyle — but if you want to slash carbs even more, try these easy swaps.

  • Small Amounts Of Peas – If you stretch them over an entire recipe, carbs can stay low.
  • Green Beans – These have the most similar flavor to podded peas.
  • Edamame – While not the cleanest keto bean option, these are low and carbs and make a surprising pea substitute.
  • Asparagus – If you need to capture the springtime flavor of peas in a recipe, try finely chopped asparagus instead.
  • Green Bell Peppers – Bell peppers are great for fillings in casseroles that require peas.
Are peas keto? Learn how to keep carbs in peas low with these easy keto pea recipes!

Keto Recipes With Peas

Yes, you can cook with peas and stay keto! See how with these comforting dishes.

Conclusion: Can You Eat Peas On Keto?

Although carbs in peas are higher than some other veggies, you can still incorporate them into a keto lifestyle. Keep carbs low with small serving sizes, or try keto pea substitutes to cut carbs even more.

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Are peas keto, or are carbs in peas too high? Learn the answers here, including carb counts for several varieties of peas!

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