Chocolate Oreo Cookie Crust Recipe

[Photographs: Vicky Wasik]

Everyone needs a pie crust recipe that comes together in a snap. This effortless chocolate cookie crust, originally published with Stella’s no-churn vanilla ice cream pie, relies on just three ingredients—cookie crumbs, melted butter, and salt—to deliver a no-bake crust that’s pleasantly sweet and rich in flavor. Simply combine the crumbs, butter, and a bit of salt in a bowl, then press the mixture evenly into a pie plate.

We like using store-bought or homemade Oreos (skip the filling and stick with the wafers). In a pinch, you can use Nabisco chocolate wafers. The crust will also taste great with store-bought or homemade Biscoff, graham crackers, gingerbread cookies, and even similar style gluten-free cookies.

This versatile crust works well in both baked and no-baked recipes. For baked desserts, prepare the crust, then follow the instructions in the recipe; in no-baked options, refrigerate the crust until it’s time to add the filling. It’ll be right at home in our no-churn vanilla ice cream pie, a summer strawberry pie, this double-chocolate cream pie, or in our fruity no-bake cheesecake.