Cookbooks for men losing weight: our pick of the best

Cookbooks for menCookbooks for men

The Hairy Dieters: How To Love Food and Lose Weight

This is an oldie but most definitely a goodie. We’ve mentioned this one so many times over the years (it’s 10 years old next year!) but it’s the recipe book we turn to the most, so much so that it is literally falling apart. From Hairy Bikers Si and Dave, this book is packed full of low-calorie recipes that are still exactly what you’d expect from pro chefs – good, good food. Chicken and ham tangle pie, cassoulet, and an incredible ‘chilli bowl‘ which sees you making a bowl out of a tortilla (it’s amazing, trust us) all feature.

There was an accompanying TV show too, which is well worth a watch if you can track it down. (Edit: We’ve been told that it’s now on Amazon Prime!)

What they say: “What a fantastic cookery book, a must for anyone who is wanting to lose weight using the good old fashioned calorie counting. The recipes are healthy, easy to follow and most of all very tasty, you don’t even realise you are dieting!” – Needles and Quinns, Amazon reviewer.

Cookbooks for men

Cookbooks for men

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