Cucumber Noodles with Thai Basil Dressing

Do I have a good summer recipe for you. It’s light, spicy yet refreshing and uses a lot of ingredients that are in season right now. Asian-style Cucumber Noodles with Thai Basil Dressing is a recipe that is going to go in our frequently used summer recipe file!

Cucumber Noodles with Thai Basil Dressing

I used cucumber noodles that I made with my spiralizer. A lot of people like to make zucchini noodles but I think the flavor and texture of the cucumber noodles are better. They are fresh, juicy and go really well with asian flavors like I am using in this recipe.

I put quite a few ingredients in the recipe for Cucumber Noodles with Thai Basil Dressing but honestly, that is the secret to getting a lot of flavor. It doesn’t take that long to dice everything up and its so worth it in the end.

Cucumber Noodles with Thai Basil Dressing

I used Thai basil for two reasons. First, I have it growing in my garden! It’s the first year that I planted it and it was a slow starter. But now, I am getting a good crop. I love the flavor. It is a little spicier than normal basil with hints of anise and licorice. It’s perfect for this asian inspired recipe but you can always use regular basil if you don’t have it.

The dressing is sweetened with date paste as we are trying to avoid using refined sugars. Sometimes it works well, like in this recipe. I hope you love it as much as we do!

Cucumber Noodles with Thai Basil Dressing

My favorite spiralizer is this one: Kitchenaid. A less expensive solution is this one: Spiralizer

Date Paste

We love date paste. I have a jar that I keep in my refrigerator and use regularly. Why date paste? Sometimes recipes need sweetening to balance the flavor. I used to use a lot of maple syrup but have moved in the direction of sweeteners that are not processed. Date paste is simple and works great. I have even made a coffee ice cream using nothing but date paste for the sweetener and it was delicious!

It is super easy to make. Just soak about 8 dates in water (the water should cover the dates by about 1-inch) until they are very plump and soft. Place the dates and enough of the  soaking water to make a paste in a high speed blender and blend until you get a smooth paste. Date paste keeps in the refrigerator for a couple of weeks.

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