Diet Doctor Podcast #54 — Dr. Roshani Sanghani

Dr. Sanghani spent years training as a physician in endocrinology and diabetology. She knows everything about the expensive medications used to treat type 2 diabetes.

Now, Dr. Sanghani has made it her mission to get her patients off those medications, and instead use lifestyle therapies, including low-carb diets, to help them transform their health.

But as a doctor in Mumbai, this comes with its own set of challenges. The Indian culture is not very accepting of a moderate protein, low-carb diet, and recommending meat presents a particular challenge for some patients.

Despite these hurdles, Dr. Sanghani presses onward. She’s a pioneer of low-carb lifestyles in her country.

It’s easy to cheer for her and wish her success on her journey with her patients.

Thanks for reading,
Bret Scher, MD FACC

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Table of contents

  1:56  Welcome, Dr. Roshani Sanghani
  2:40  Becoming a US trained endocrinologist in Mumbai
  4:28  Roshani’s first introduction to the world of low carb
  9:10  The awakening of “Insulin is the right treatment”
11:45  Roshani’s knowledge about low carb helps others in India
13:23  Challenges in the medical community
16:55  Type 2 diabetes in India
18:33  Egg yolk myth
20:30  Educating people about protein
22:47  Treating vegetarian patients in India
29:04  Bread and type 2 diabetes
30:46  Exercise and its trend in an Indian culture
33:02  Dr. Roshani’s medication method
34:15  Women’s health according to Roshani
38:40  Intermittent diet
41:40  Advice for type 2 diabetes patients
45:29  Where to find Dr. Sanghani

About the video

Virtual podcast recorded in June 2020 and published in September 2020.
Podcast host: Dr. Bret Scher
Managing producer: Hari Dewang

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