Diet Doctor Podcast #55 — Kwadwo Kyeremanteng, MD

Can low-carb nutrition prevent severe COVID-related illnesses? We don’t have data on it, but according to ICU physician Dr. Kyeremanteng, it is certainly worth discussing. He believes one silver lining that may come from the COVID pandemic is the renewed focus on the risks of metabolic disease and associated obesity.

Dr. Kyeremanteng sees nutrition as a powerful tool to prevent the most serious diseases that he regularly sees in the ICU. He brings his energy and passion to prevention, even while caring for critically ill patients.

He also has great tips for how low-carb patients in the hospital can communicate their nutrition preferences with their doctors.

Lastly, we discuss Dr. Kyeremanteng’s battle with racism and how he sees race impacting healthcare. His voice and his message show the critical importance of addressing racial disparities and helping everyone achieve better health.

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Bret Scher, MD FACC

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Table of contents

 2:02  Welcome, Dr. Kyeremanteng
 2:35  A major impact in healthcare
 7:15  Dr. Kyeremanteng’s low-carb summit
12:05  Mission to revive healthcare and focus on prevention
14:55  Preventive lifestyle during COVID-19
18:05  Low-carb patients and glucose medications
22:10  Advice to non-confrontational discussion with doctors
24:55  What makes preventions as priority difficult?
31:20  COVID-19 situation in Canada
33:15  Against racism and reaching for preventive care
38:55  How to start prioritising our health
45:05  Dr. Kyeremanteng and his wonderful work
47:17  Where to find Dr. Kyeremanteng

About the video

Podcast recorded in August 2020 and published in September 2020.
Podcast host: Dr. Bret Scher
Managing producer: Hari Dewang

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