Digestive Enzyme for Weight Gain (Lipase- increases fat absorption)

There are only 3-4 known factors in weight

  1. Skeletal Size
  2. Thyroid Hormones T3 /T4 levels (how much energy ur body uses)
  3. Gut- Transit Time – how long food stays in ur gut, soluble fibre makes things stay in there for longer, while insoluble fibre makes them stay in there for less time. – The longer food remains in ur intenstines, the more food that is absorbed.
  4. Digestive Enzymes;
    "Amalyse" for Carbs,
    "Protesie" for Protein
    "Lipase" for Fat.

Most people have problems digesting fat- particularly skinny people, when they eat high fat foods, their Poo Turns much more greensih than usual, this is becuase most of the fat isnt being absorbed by you, it is instead just going to ur poos, this is where "expensive poos" happen.

If we increase our Lipase, we can digest fats better, this helps alot if u eat meat, or have alot of virgin olive oil etc, Lipase also decreases feelings of fullness (feelings, not actuaility).

Digestive enzymes and lipase in particular will increase weight gain, they are around $1 per pill, and u have them with big meals, its more bang for ur buck than simply "eating more", becuase thats more expensive.

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