Does soda speed up your metabolism?

So a friend once told me that drinking soda all the time speeds up your metabolism and that’s probably why I’m skinny and don’t usually gain weight. I told him that sounds like bs and I’m sure it doesn’t work like that exactly but now I’m just a bit curious about what soda does to your metabolism. I do drink a lot of soda. When I was a kid I’d drink them whenever we had them around, probably added up to 4-8 every weekend and nowadays I probably have anywhere from 4-12 a week. Obviously not good Ik. I’m always trying to gain weight and I’ve always have trouble. (Between today and yesterday I ate around 5000 calories which is a little bit above what I need and I ended up losing a pound weighing myself just now like wtf) I tried googling this and of course it says soda will if anything slow down your metabolism and of course lead to weight gain. I did find an answer saying it “helps with digestion”, so maybe it does speed your metabolism up temporarily?? I really need some insight on this. I’m 135 btw.

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