Dust Reloaded

Dust Reloaded will provide BIGGER pumps, IMPROVED mood, BETTER blood flow and INCREASED fat burning in just one scoop.

Serious trainers know that if they want to take their workouts to the next level, they have to incorporate products from Blackstone™ Labs into their supplementation regimen. While all products with the Blackstone™ name provide you with the best tools needed to build your optimal physique, now Blackstone™ has raised the bar even higher with Dust Reloaded, the evolution of their flagship pre-workout, Dust v2. What makes Dust Reloaded your new “go-to” product before you start your workout?

Superior Workouts

Blackstone™ has received a tremendous amount of positive feedback about their ALL-new product, Dust Reloaded. Users have been impressed by the potency and have also noted that it’s not a crazy stimulant. The consensus is that with the amount of focus and pump you get with all of the ingredients working together in proper balance, Dust Reloaded makes for superior workouts. 

Reloaded Ingredients

Compared to Dust, Blackstone™ has changed up four ingredients to bring you the ALL-new RELOADED form of Dust. They have taken the v2 formula and really kicked it up a notch to provide more energy and focus.

First up is the addition of Phenylethylamine (PEA), which improves the release of dopamine and noradrenaline – and this improves mood, increases blood pressure, heart rate and blood flow. You know, that “I’m ready to take on the world” feeling you love to feel? By stacking that with the already existing two forms of caffeine in Dust Reloaded, you will also experience a euphoric effect that will last for several hours after your workout. This keeps you from feeling the post-gym crash. All of these ingredients combined will also boost your energy and focus throughout the workout.

Then Blackstone™ added in Arginine Silicate, which significantly boosts the production of nitric oxide (NO). Increased NO improves blood flow to the working muscles. This gives you bigger pumps and guess what? They’ll last for up to three hours.

Next up is the addition of Citrulline Silicate, which can enhance your amino acid utilization during exercise. It also helps to form more arginine to keep those crazy pumps going. Citrulline Silicate has been known to increase growth hormone (GH) after a workout and even protects your gut from inflammation. 

Lastly, Blackstone™ decided to go with Alpha Yohimbine. This frees up stored fat that can be used for energy. This ingredient also works to improve blood circulation, thermogenesis and fat burning all at the same time.

Improved Flavors, More Stackable

Blackstone™ is improving their flavor choices all the time. Dust Reloaded shares some of the great flavors they’ve released in their other products – including Black Lemonade, Grape, Orange, Pineapple and Watermelon – making it more stackable than ever.

Bigger Pumps in Just 1 Scoop

All in all, Dust Reloaded will provide BIGGER pumps, IMPROVED mood, BETTER blood flow and INCREASED fat burning in just one scoop.

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5-Star Ratings!

Here’s what satisfied gym-goers across the country are saying about Dust Reloaded:

Wow! It blends easily and tastes really good. I use it for leg days and it helps me get amped up for squats and deadlifts. Loved Dust v2 and definitely love this new Dust Reloaded. Highly recommend trying this! -Dragon

Intense focus and energy! This is great for intense workout sessions and has a great nootropic blend for focus! It is really long lasting for sustained energy without a crash. The taste is amazing and it goes down very easy. Also the pump and vascularity is great as well. I am currently in a cutting phase so energy is dragging for gym time or cardio and I can tell this is working big time considering my current circumstances. Excellent product! -Gregg M.

The must-have for training. Great tasting, no gritty aftertaste. Long-lasting energy boost without a hard crash. Zoned in for entire 2hr training session and even after. Solid pump that also lasted long after training. -Samantha R.

The best pre-workout! I loved this pre-workout! No jitters, just all focus! Normally I hate doing cardio but my session just flew by and I burned a ton of calories! I highly recommend this product. And the Watermelon flavor reminded me of summer! -Kelly W.