Easy Chicken Recipes For Dinner With Few Ingredients

Whether you’re between trips to the grocery store, on a strict budget, or simply prefer to keep your meals simple, easy chicken recipes for dinner with few ingredients can be a lifesaver. Check out this list of 30+ delicious recipes that require minimal ingredients for a quick and easy weeknight meal solution.

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Why You’re Going To Love This List

  • Fast. Many of the chicken dishes listed here are made quickly in under 30 minutes.
  • Easy. Use simple to follow instructions to for a dinner the whole family will love.
  • Minimal Ingredients. Easy chicken recipes with few ingredients will eliminate added expense and trips to the grocery store.
  • Variety. A well-rounded list of recipes that will keep dinner time exciting and efficient.

Why Simplify Your Recipes?

Some of the joy of cooking is experimenting with a variety of flavors and ingredients. I’m obviously one that enjoys exotic cuisine and layering flavors.

On the other hand, there is a sense of satisfaction that comes with minimizing the amount of money you spend in the grocery store, and significantly reducing or eliminating food waste.

For the days that I’m not feeling like creating something new in the kitchen, I tend to reach for recipes that can be made with minimal ingredients to keep my time and effort low.

Here are a few reasons you may want to downsize your ingredient list when you make your weekly meal plan:

  • Fewer trips to the grocery store
  • Less money spent
  • Reduced food waste
  • Easy macro calculation
  • Efficient time in the kitchen
  • Reduced chance of food allergy contamination

What To Make For Dinner When You Don’t Have Many Ingredients

Just because you aren’t using a huge list of ingredients doesn’t mean your options for a tasty meal are limited. Try out these recipes for a tasty meal that will simplify your time in the kitchen!

Easy Chicken Dinners with Few Ingredients

How Long Do Chicken Dishes Last?

For the best bite, it is recommended that you consume cooked chicken within 3-4 days of preparing it. Of course, the amount of time it remains safe to eat can be reduced by the use by date printed on the package. Always use caution and be aware of the freshness of any food you eat before you consume it, especially raw chicken.

Personally, I always use the mantra “When in doubt, throw it out” because no amount of money is worth sacrificing your health.

What To Serve With Easy Chicken Recipes

Chicken is an extremely versatile, which makes finding the perfect side dish a breeze.

Here are a few flavorful side dishes that will pair well with a majority of the dishes in this list:

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