End of Summer Update + Photo Dump

Hello, readers! It’s been a real long time. A lot has changed! Let’s start with the exciting news that I have returned to working part-time at our church!

I started back to work on July 11th as the new Clearance Admin. I have been working to help our volunteers and staff obtain and maintain required clearances to serve. I love it! It feels like this role was made for me. I get to work part-time from home or in the office, and the hours are flexible! I mostly work a few nights each week. I still get to stay home with the girls during the day which was really important for me in this season!

I’ve also been voted in as our elementary school’s PTO Secretary. It also feels a bit like a part-time job but that’s just because I’m working on re-developing systems that haven’t been in place since before the pandemic. We’re excited that the school year is looking more normal than not, with the ability to bring back some programs and assemblies that have been missed!

I have stopped working as a server and hostess at our family diner on the weekends. This was a hard call for me because it was such a bucket filler for me. I loved investing in our family’s business and also our community in this way. However, I didn’t really have the choice to stop. In July, I suffered a herniated disc in my lower back which took 4-6 weeks to heal. I am still in physical therapy for this injury. Serving tables at the diner is just not something I can do right now, and it’s probably wise to give this up for a bit given my new roles with the church and school in this season.

After my back was more healed, we had another rough couple of weeks when Laney got really sick. 

Thankfully my back was healed because Laney practically lived on us for a few days. We were in and out of the hospital as she battled a serious kidney infection. It was a trying time for all of us. We are incredibly grateful she recovered well and is back to her normal, wild self now!

Despite the challenges the end of summer brought, we did make sure to fit in as much end-of-summer fun as we could! Here’s a photo dump of some of the highlights toward the end of this summer.


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